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Ritual Purification
  Al-Iqna' of Ibn al-Mundhir : Section Dealing With Ritual Purity
Author: The Imaam, Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Ibraaheem bin al
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Abu Bakr (ibn al-Mundhir said):

  • One. When you wish to perform ritual ablution then washing [each body part] three times is more beloved to me. It is sufficient to wash [each body part] once. There is no sin incurred if one does not perform the washing three times.
  • Two. Commence by saying, "With the Name of Allaah" and have the intention of purifying yourself.
  • Three. Wash your hands three times.
  • Four. Then rinse your mouth three times and snuff your nose your nose three times. If you wish you can [rinse and snuff one after the other] with one handful of water or you can use a separate handful for each.
  • Five. Then wash your face three times commencing with the uppermost part. The definition of the face that requires washing is from the roots of the hair [where the head starts] to the ears, the jawbone and the chin. Let the water flow over the outside of the beard and wipe the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Six. Then wash your right arm from the tips of your fingers to the elbow three times and do the same with the left arm.
  • Seven. Then take a handful of water with your right hand and wipe your left hand with the right until the water has spilled and wipe your head. Begin with the front of your head and wipe until your reach the end of your hair on your neck and then [move your hand] back to the front of your head.
  • Eight. Wipe the outside and inside of your ears. Insert your forefingers into your ears and use your thumbs to wipe the outside of the ear.
  • Nine. Finally wash your right foot to your ankle and then your left in the same way.


{22} Bukhaaree [Eng. Trans. 1/113 no. 161, 1/115 no. 165], Muslim [Eng. Trans.1/149 no. 436], an-Nasaa`ee [1/64], Abu Daawood [Eng. Trans. 1/28 no. 106] all with the wording "then he washed his right foot up to the ankle three times and did the same with his left."

CHAPTER NINE : Wiping over the Leather Socks

10. Alee bin al-Hasan narrated to us; Abdullaah bin al-Waleed narrated to us; from Sufyaan; from his father [Sa`eed bin Masrooq ath-Thawree]; from at-Taimee [Ibraaheem bin Yazeed bin Shareek]; from `Amr bin Maymoon al-Awdee; from Abu Abdullaah al-Jadalee; from Khuzaymah bin Thaabit (RA) who said:

"The Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) appointed three days and three nights [to be the period] for wiping over the leather socks for the traveller and one day and one night for the resident." If the questioner had persisted in his questioning then the period would have been made five [days and nights for the traveller]. {23}

Abu Bakr (ibn al-Mundhir) said:

  • One. Wiping over any type of leather sock is permissible due to the hadeeth being authentic to the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) that he ordered [the Companions] to wipe over them for three days and nights when on a journey and one day and night when resident.
  • Two. The wiping is done on the upper surface of the socks passing the fingers over them.
  • Three. One can also wipe over the turban due to this being authentically reported from the Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) {24} and from Abu Bakr (RA) and Umar (RA). {25}


{23} Bayhaqee [1/277], Ibn Hibbaan [no. 1319], at-Tahaawee [1/81], Abdur-Razzaaq [no. 203] and ibn Abee Shaybah [1/177].
The hadeeth has also been reported by Abu Daawood [Eng. Trans. 1/38 no. 157], at-Tirmidhee [no. 95] and ibn al-Jaarood [no. 86] without the words, "If the questioner had persisted in his questioning then the period would have been made five [days and nights for the traveller]." At-Tirmidhee said that the hadeeth was hasan saheeh
{24} Bukhaaree [Eng. Trans. 1/136 no. 204], ad-Daarimee [no. 716], ibn Hibbaan [no. 1333], Ahmad [4/179], ibn Abee Shaybah [1/23] and others.
{25} Ibn Abee Shaybah [1/184] and others

CHAPTER TEN : Dry Ablution [Tayammum]

11. Muhammad bin Ismaa`eel narrated to us; `Affaan [bin Muslim bin Abdullaah] narrated to us; Shu`bah [bin al-Hajjaaj al-Azdee] narrated to us; al-Hakam [bin Utaybah bin Nuhaas al-Kindee] narrated to me; from Dhirr [bin Abdullaah bin Zaraarah al-Hamadaanee]; from Abdur-Rahmaan bin Abzee; from his father [Abdur-Rahmaan the servant of Naafi`] that:

He witnessed a man coming to Umar querying that he had been in a state of major impurity and could not find any water. `Ammaar [bin Yaasir said to Umar], "we were on a journey and I became in a state of major impurity and rolled about in the dirt [in order to purify myself]. Then I went to the Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) and he said, 'indeed it sufficed you to do this' and he struck the earth with his hands, blew off the dust and wiped his face and hands." {26}

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