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Ritual Purification
  Al-Iqna' of Ibn al-Mundhir : Section Dealing With Ritual Purity
Author: The Imaam, Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Ibraaheem bin al
Article ID : IBD020001  [33824]  
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{33} Bukhaaree [Eng. Trans. 1/190 no. 317], Muslim [Eng. Trans.], Abu Daawood [Eng. Trans.], at-Tirmidhee [no. 125], an-Nasaa`ee [1/122], ibn Maajah [no. 1340], ad-Daarimee [no. 780], al-Bayhaqee [1/323], ibn Hibbaan [no. 1340], Ahmad [6/194], Abu Awaanah [1/319], Maalik [Eng. Trans.], ibn al-Jaarood [no. 112], al-Baghawee [no. 324], and Abdur-Razzaaq [no. 1165].
{34} 'Majmu`' [2/375, 2/401]
{35} This is because in this case the woman is considered to be undergoing abnormal bleeding. It is not known [in the case where the woman is unable to distinguish between the two types of blood] when the menstrual bleeding finished and the abnormal bleeding started. Therefore she builds upon what is certain and she is certain that the least period for menses is one day and one night. Hence she assumes that the remaining days of bleeding were not due to menses and makes up the prayers she missed.
In the case where she can distinguish between the two types of blood then she bathes after the menstrual bleeding has finished.
- {Trans.}
{36} The concensus that menstruating women do not have to make up their missed prayers has been related by ibn Hazm in 'al-Muhalla' [no. 276], ibn Rushd in 'Bidaayatul Mujtahid' [1/56] and an-Nawawee in 'Majmu`' [2/351].
The concensus that mentruating women do have to make up missed fasts has been related by ibn Hazm in 'Maraatib al-Ijmaa`' [pg. 47] and 'al-Muhalla' [no. 737]
{37} This is also a reported opinion of Ahmad. Another of his opinions states that he has to give a half or one deenaar in charity as expiation due to what Abu Daawood [Eng. Trans. 1/66 no. 264] reports from ibn Abbaas (RA) that the Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) said about a man who had intercourse with his wife while she was menstruating, "he must give one deenaar or half a deenaar in charity."
A number of the People of Knowledge have declared this hadeeth saheeh. Refer to: 'Talkhees al-Habeer' [1/165], 'Irwaa al-Ghaleel' [1/217] and 'al-Mughnee' [1/335]

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