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Jamaa`at ut-Tabligh
  An Outline of the Methodology of Jamaa'at ut-Tabligh
Author: Abu Ibraaheem ibn Sultan al-Udnaanee
Source: Al-Qutubiyyah
Article ID : GRV020002  [27755]  
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1. Equity and Justice
2. Understanding the state of affairs
3. Firmness/Establishment.

And these three ways are presented, to those who are called by them and those who read their material, in the most generalised of ways. And this is the secret word (or hidden agenda) with them - just like that of the Tabligh which was explained to you earlier - which would make possible and feasible for them success (in) uniting between the one who agrees with them and the one who disagrees with them. And when this is achieved the jamaa'ah of muslims which is their aim is formed.

The first way is entering all the muslim groups into one single jamaa'ah to which they give the name 'Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah' and others call it 'Al-Qutubiyyah'

The second way is to raise the level of their callers and and leaders to the level of scholars and leaders (of the muslims) and putting down, diminishing the level and position of the scholars (in truth) with the claim that they do not understand the state of affairs.

The third is to propagate and spread their rumours, speeches, ideas and concepts making the people think thereby that they are the people of firmness/strength and at the same time for repelling the criticism and refutation of their jamaa'ah, individuals within it and those who call to it, even if this criticism or refutation is the pure truth.

When that which has been mentioned has become clear to you my noble brother then there is no harm in that we proceed in order to look at every one of their ways/means with evidence and proof. However, (not after) we have mentioned their secret word (or hidden agenda) and that is:

Any way/mean, idea, statement for which it is desired that it is spread amongst people, then it is essential to spread it in such a generalised manner so that all stop to (and pay heed) to it - both the one who agrees and the one who differs.

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