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Jamaa`at ut-Tabligh
  An Outline of the Methodology of Jamaa'at ut-Tabligh
Author: Abu Ibraaheem ibn Sultan al-Udnaanee
Source: Al-Qutubiyyah
Article ID : GRV020002  [27755]  
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The ameer of the khurooj will, on the morning of Thursday, divide the people who are going out with him into two groups. The first group will stay in the mosque to form a circle for doing dhikr repetitively until all of the other sections of the second group return to the mosque. The second group is itself divided into smaller groups composed of three or more individuals. They are to go out to the neighbouring houses calling the people to be present and participate in the programme of the jamaa'ah in the mosque and to attend the speech which will take place after Maghrib until Isha. But before they all depart and while all of them are still in the mosque, the ameer tells them a educational story so he says:

One time a jamaa'ah went out to such and such a place and after they had been divided into two groups, one of them remained in the mosque and the second group, after it had been further divided into smaller groups, went to the houses neighbouring the mosque. Every time they went passed by a door of a house they did not find a suitable reply nor any good response (to their invitation). They did not cease in going to each door and (each time) they were not responded to. Then some of them said to the others: Your have lost your eemaan O loved ones and therefore everyone has lost his eemaan and does not see anything wrong with that. Then one of them understood what this one meant and said: Maybe our brothers whom we left in the mosque have become unmindful of Allaah's remembrance. Then they all say together: Let us go and see, so when they enter the mosque and upon their brothers they found that they had (indeed) become heedless of Allaah's remembrance.

O my brother, has this struck your heart and your mind? Just as it would strike the heart and mind of the ones listening to it. If you were going out with them and they made you remain in the circle in the mosque, and then you heard this story do you think you will become heedless of Allaah's remembrance? Or will you strive in it so that perhaps Allaah will grant success to your brothers who are outside in the second group that was formed until they return with their captives??

There is no doubt that this is what would occur especially if the saying of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) was mentioned afer that story: "Never do a people gather in a house from among the houses of Allaah reciting the book of Allaah and studying together except that tranquility descends upon them and mercy covers them, the angels surround them and Allaah mentions them to those who are near to Him." [Muslim]

So the people in the mosque are like an electric generator and the second group who go out are like a light bulb at the end of the electric wire. When the electric generator is busy and occupies itself that light is illuminated and when it diminishes that light is extinguished.

Have you heard the likes of this my brother? And have you seen such reasoning - which was never thought of or imagined by the best of generations (the first three generations) - which is like this reasoning?!!

I did not mention this except with the desire of warning you and making you aware from such mockery and deviation. So beware O seeker of the Truth, the correct, the good and the straight and upright.

I have already informed you before that I did not intend to make an extensive study of this jamaa'ah. Rather I mentioned it so that you may be able to understand another jamaa'ah because it's (deviation) is more subtle and hidden than this one. So prepare yourself for understanding it well. If you wish relax for a short time and then come with me so that I come to know, along with you, the objective of this group, the means of actualising its goal, exposing this jamaa'ahs secret word (or hidden agenda) and the key to its secret sign, discussing (contesting) its ideas and thought, relying upon Allaah in all of this first and foremost and then upon the books of these people, their statements and their tapes secondly and then upon the statements of those who abandoned them after they used to be with them thirdly

The goal of this group is to bring about a jamaa'ah of (all) muslims and from amongst their midst a leader.

Before I acquaint you with the name of this group you will say: Does this jamaa'ah have any ways or means by which it actualises what it aspires or inclines to?

And I will respond to you with 'Yes'. And I shall soon mention these ways to you in short first and then I will return to them - with the help of Allaah and his success - with a detailed explanation, which is healing and raises and repels every doubt/confusion in your soul, if Allaah wills. Are you then prepared to listen? Listen then to what is thrown at you of proof and evidence.

From my reading of the books and magazines of these people and listening to their cassettes and meeting many of those who have abandoned them (after being with them) and reading the refutations against them I have concluded that this jamaa'ah has three chief ways/means for actualising their objective or goal and these are:

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