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The Classical Works
  Aqeedatul-Waasitiyyah - The Text
Author: Shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah
Source: Translated by Assas Nimer Busool
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There is no creature on earth or in heaven except Allah The Glorified, is his Creator. There is no creator beside Him and there is no Lord other than Him.

With all that, He ordered the creatures to obey Him and His messengers, and He forbade them to disobey Him.

He, The Glorified, loves the pious, the doers of good and the just. He is pleased with those who believe and do good deeds; He does not like unbelievers; He is displeased with transgressors; He does not ordain immorality; He does not wish disbelief for His creatures; And He does not like corruption.

Creatures are the performers in reality, but Allah is the Creator of their deeds; The 'abd (human being) is the believer and the unbeliever, the righteous and the wicked, the praying and the fasting; The 'ibad (human beings) have power over their actions and they have their own will; But Allah is their Creator and the Creator of their power and their will, as He, The Exalted, has said:

"To whomever of you wills it, follow the Straight Path. You have no will unless Allah ,The Lord of the Universe, so wills." (at-Takwir 81/28-29)

This degree of predestination is rejected by most of the Qadariyah - those whom the Prophet (peace be upon him) called the Fire Worshipers (Majus) of this Ummah (Islam). Others who affirm this Attribute of Allah exaggerate it to the extent of stripping the human being of his power and his choice, taking the wisdom and advantage from Allah's acts and rules.

Iman (Faith)
Among the fundamentals of the people of the Sunnah is that religion and faith are utterance and action - the utterance of the heart and the tongue and the action of the heart, the tongue and the limbs - and that faith increases with obedience and decreases with disobedience.

In spite of this, Ahl al-Qiblah (Muslims) are not to be considered unbelievers as a result of their committing faults and sins (Ma'asi and Kaba'ir) as the khawarij consider them. Rather, brotherhood in faith remains firm despite faults, just as Allah, The Exalted, has said in the punishment Verse:

"If the heir of a murdered person forgives his brother (in faith)33, it is preferred that he follow his forgiveness with leniency (in collecting the blood-money"34 (al-Baqarah 2/178)

And He has said:

"If two groups of believers fight each other, try to make peace between them. However, if one of them attacks the other (and refuses to make peace), fight the attackers until they return to the Ordinance of Allah; Then, if they return, make peace between them justly, and act equitably. Indeed, Allah loves the equitable. Believers are indeed brothers, therefore make peace between your brothers." (al-Hujurat 49/9)

The people of the Sunnah do not completely strip the Muslim transgressor from the faith. And they do not believe that he will stay in Hell forever as the Mu'tazilah claim. Rather (they believe that) the transgressor enters under the name of the faith just as Allah has said:

"And liberate a slave who is a believer."(an-Nissa' 4/92).

He may not enter under the name of absolute faith as Allah, The Exalted, has said:

"Indeed, the believers are those whose hearts, when Allah is mentioned (in their presence), fill with piety, and whose faith, when His Words are recited to them, increases." (al-Anfal 8/2).

As the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"The adulterer is stripped of faith while committing adultery, the thief is stripped of faith while stealing, the drinker is stripped of faith while he is drinking and anybody who puts a show of greatness to attract the people's eyes is stripped of faith." (al-Bukhari and Muslim)

And it is said: He is a believer with incomplete faith; Or he is a believer by his faith and transgressor by his sin. So he is not given absolutely the name (of faith), nor is he stripped completely of the name.

The Prophet's Family, The Prophet's Wives and the Companions of the Prophet

As-Sahabah (The Prophets Companions)
Among the fundamentals of the people of the Sunnah and the community is purity of heart and tongue toward the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) just as Allah has described them:

"Those who came after them (the Sahabah) say: 'Our Lord forgive us. Forgive our brethren who preceded us in faith. Purify our hearts of any rancor toward the believers. Our Lord, You are Gentle, Compassionate." (al-Hashr 59/l0)

Obey the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him):

"Do not revile my companions. By (Allah) in Whose Hand my soul is!, if any one of you spends gold (piled up) like (mount) 'Uhud it will not equal a pint of any one of them, nor its half." (al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu-Dawud, at-Tirmidhi Ibn Majah, Ibn Hanbal)

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