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Concerning Fasting
  The Rulings of Ramadaan
Author: Islamic Society of the University of Essex
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It is very important that the Muslim does not allow this great blessing from his Merciful Lord to escape him.

What is the best thing the Muslim can eat for Sahoor
The Messenger (S) said: "The best Sahoor for the believer is dates." [Abu Dawood, Al-Baihaqee and Ibn Hibbaan]

Note: If one does not find food to eat then a gulp of water would suffice as is substantiated in the hadeeth.

Delaying the Sahoor
It is recommended to delay the Sahoor (pre-dawn meal) till just before dawn. Zaid ibn Thaabit said: "We ate the Sahoor with the Messenger (S), then we got up to offer the Salaah (prayer - in this case the Fajr prayer). I asked "What was the time between the Adhaan (call to prayer) and the Sahoor?" He said: "(The time it would take) to recite fifty verses." [Bukhaaree and Muslim]

It must be known that it is allowed to eat, drink and have sexual relationship with one's spouse as long as one doubts and is uncertain that the dawn has started. Allah (T) and His Messenger (S) have made clear the criterion for establishing the Fajr, and this is what one is required to go by.

The Ruling for Sahoor
The Messenger of Allah (S) commanded that whoever wants to fast must take the Sahoor (pre-dawn meal). He (S) said: "Whoever wishes to fast, then let him eat something for Sahoor." [Ibn Abi Shaibah, Ahmad and others]

And he (S) also said: "Take the Sahoor because in the Sahoor is Barakah (blessings)."[Bukhaaree and Muslim]

Then he (S) also prohibited the Muslims from neglecting it. He (S) said: "What differentiates our fast from the fast of the People of the Book is the Sahoor meal." [Ibn Abi Shaibah, Ahmad]

The author concludes:

It is clear that the Messenger (S) emphatically commands us to eat the Sahoor from three different angles:

(a) He (S) ordered it.
(b) It is one of the highlight of the Muslim's fast and it distinguishes the fast of the Muslim from the fast of others.
(c) He prohibited us from neglecting it.

All three of the above inferences are very strong and they all seem to be pointing to one specific thing.

6. RULINGS FOR AL-IFTAAR (Breaking the fast after sunset)

When a person lawfully break his fast
Allah(T) said:

"Then complete the fasting until the night "[Baqarah 2:187]

The Messenger of Allah (S) explained this to mean the coming of the night and the going away of the day and when the disk of the sun disappears.

Hastening the breaking of the fast
People of Eemaan! It is important to hasten breaking the fast as soon as the sun sets because this was the practice of the Messenger of Allah (T) and his companions.

'Amrun Ibn Maimoon Al-Awdee said: "The companions of the Messenger were the fastest people to break the fast (at Maghrib) and the last to eat the Sahoor (i.e. they used to try to take it at the last possible moment)." [Abdur Razaak in the Mussanaf]

Hastening to break the fast also has other benefits that can be included under this heading.

Hastening to break the fast earns good
Sahl Ibn Sa'd (R) said that the Messenger (S) of Allah (T) said: "The people will continue to be in good condition as long as they hasten to break the fast." [Bukhaaree and Muslim]

To hasten the breaking of the fast is the Sunnah of the Messenger (S)
If the Muslims hasten the breaking of the fast this would help them to keep on the Sunnah and they would be following the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) who followed it. It is known that the person who holds unto the Sunnah will never go astray.

Sahl Ibn Sa'ad said that the Messenger (S) of Allah (T) said: "My nation would continue to be on my Sunnah as long as they do not wait for the stars to come out before breaking the fast." [Ibn Hibbaan]

Hastening the breaking of the fast is a way to he different from the Astray (the Christians) and those whom Allah is angry with (the Jews)
If people will remain on what is good because they hold on to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (T), then if they leave this way and follow the Christians and the Jews they would definitely lose the good benefits. This is established in the following Hadeeth. Abu Huraira (R) said that the Messenger of Allah (T) said: "The Deen will be uppermost/manifest as long as the people hasten to break their fast because the Jews and the Christians delay (it)." [Abu Dawood and Ibn Hibbaan]

From the above Hadeeth we must not think that our practising this hadeeth alone would be responsible for the Deen to be manifest. This hadeeth must be understood along with all those verses from the Quraan and the Hadeeth of the Messenger (S) that deal with the issue of being different from the disbelieving people.

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