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Qutubis and Surooris
  The Qutubi, Sururi Manhaj in Causing Dissension and Separation Amongst the Senior Scholars
Source: Extracted from al-Qutubiyyah
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The statement that was issued by me, the intent behind it was to invite everybody, all of the du’at and the scholars, to make constructive criticism and not to criticise specific individuals amongst their brothers from the du’at. Rather everyone should offer sincerity of purpose to Allaah and His servants. And when he comes to know of an error of his brother, he should advise him for the sake of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, by writing or orally, without criticising him on cassettes or printed media and their likes. So that the hearts may remain upright and continue to have love and loyalty and that there may be co-operation upon righteousness and piety. However, the statement was not intended for our brothers, the people of Madinah, amongst the students of knowledge, teachers and du’at. And nor were those besides them in Makkah, Riyadh or Jeddah intended. Rather the advice was general.

And our Brothers, the well known Scholars in Madeenah, we do not have a doubt about them. They are possessors of a sound aqeedah and they are from Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah, such as Shaikh Muhammad Amaan bin Alee, Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee, Shaikh Saalih bin Sa'd as-Suhaimee, Shaikh Faalih bin Naafi', Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee [al-Madkhalee] - all of them are known to us to have Istiqaamah, knowledge and sound aqeedah. We ask increase in every good for them from Allaah and success in what pleases Him. However the callers of falsehood (du’aat ul-baatil) and the people who hunt (others) in murky waters, they are the ones who cause confusion amongst the people and who speak in these matters and they say: ‘The intent was this and that’, and this is not good. It is necessary to take the words in their best possible light. And the intent [behind the advice] was co-operation upon birr and taqwaa, and to purify the hearts and to warn against backbiting which causes rancour and enmity. We ask Allaah for guidance and success for all."[The Tape: Explanation of Shaikh Bin Baaz of his Statement].

And this is one illustration of many of the mischief and machinations of the political activists. So they were disgraced and humiliated, but even this did not stop them from their folly...

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