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Qutubis and Surooris
  The Qutubi, Sururi Manhaj in Causing Dissension and Separation Amongst the Senior Scholars
Source: Extracted from al-Qutubiyyah
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And then when these activists came to realise that the Salafi Mashayikh came to know of their true reality, they began to fear lest they were exposed in front of the Senior Ulamaa and the general folk. So they began to strive to cause doubt about them and began to accuse them of being spies for the government, of being paid and employed by the government and of speaking against the du’aat for reasons of envy, hatred and jealousy. And that by this act of theirs they are causing divisions within the Ummah and pillaging its unity so that the enemy finds it easier to defeat it. So they strived in all of this, with great cowardice and whatever other strengths they had in deception and causing confusion so that no trust may be placed in them and that no one may listen to their words or advice.

And of their political machinations and acts of cowardice was that they strove hard to obtain a statement from Shaikh Ibn Baz – rahimahullaah – concerning the Salafi Mashayikh and their criticism and refutations of the political activists. Yet they only managed to do so after much persuasion. Hence Shaikh Ibn Baz issued a statement of advice that was general to all the Du’aat, that they ought to refrain from mentioning specific individuals when criticising them.

After this they arose afresh, gained momentum and began to interpret this general advice as being specifically intended for the Salafi Mashayikh in general and Shaikh Rabi bin Hadi in particular. And they made the general folk think that Shaikh Ibn Baz’s intent was to defend the honour of the du’at, meaning themselves, since they had been spoken ill of. This was their claim.

And amongst such deceivers were the likes of Shayijee the foolish idiot (as some of the Salafi Ulamaa have called him), Salman al-Awdah, Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani, and Safar al-Hawali.

In his book, "Adwaa ‘alaa Fikr D’uaat as-Salafiyyah al-Jadeedah" (p10), ash-Shayijee states that the statement of Shaikh Ibn Baz was specifically intended for the Shaikhs of Madinah and Shaikh Rabi bin Hadi in particular.

Salman al-Awdah stated in his lecture, "Tahrir ul-Ard Am Tahrir ul-Insan", "My dear brother… the statement which I have just read to you, we have been proposing to Shakh ‘Abdul-Aziz bin Baz for three months (to make this statement) and he was happy to issue it. However, the Shaikh’s various engagements made this very difficult. … I have full knowledge of it, from the time that this statement was just merely an idea, when it was given the go ahead, how it was composed, when the Shaikh actually made it, and what is related and not related to it!!! And those who were intended by it are the sedition makers in Madinah"

And a person then asked, "Why did he not complete it… exposing the individuals who have spoken against the Ulamaa and the Du’at so long as they are upon this falsehood?!" To which Awdah replied, "It is sufficient for you that Allaah has blackened their faces in light of this statement of Shaikh ‘Abdul-‘Aziz…"

And Muhammad Sa’eed al-Qahtani said in his lesson, "Mukhtasir Ma’arij ul-Qubool" in the city of Jeddah, "…Those foolish ones come along and they circulate cassettes filled with revilement… and they are only a small band – and all praise is due to Allaah – and they are known as such, but we will not make this gathering impure by mentioning their names. They are well known. And they rejected the Shaikh’s advice and the Shaikh – may Allaah protect him - continued in this matter with them (i.e. continued to advise them), but they only persisted in their obstinacy, and their publicising of faults, and causing doubts. So he wrote – may Allaah protect him – this advice…"

So this was the manner of these people, who after having admitted their ignorance of the true understanding of the state of affairs,  then began, in order to save face, to spread lies and fabrications against those who had full knowledge of their situation and who had exposed them.

Yet their plot was uncovered and their humiliation increased and the inner and hidden realities were brought to the forefront. The Shaikh and Allaamah ‘Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baz – may Allaah have mercy upon him – was asked about his intent in the statement that he had issued earlier. So he replied on 27/7/1412 in Makkah (and this is recorded on cassette),

"In the Name of Allaah, Full of Mercy, Ever-Merciful (to His Believing Servants). All Praise is due to Allaah and may Allaah send prayers upon His Messenger, his family and his companions. To proceed:

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