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Qutubis and Surooris
  The Qutubi, Sururi Manhaj in Causing Dissension and Separation Amongst the Senior Scholars
Source: Extracted from al-Qutubiyyah
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In recent times of trial and tribulation, a set of newly-arisen foolish minded ones had taken it upon themselves to take hold of the reigns of the Ummah and to direct it as they saw fit, since in their view, the Senior Ulamaa, those known for their erudition, firmness, piety and wisdom were too engaged in the matters of "women’s menses and issues pertaining to Hajj and Umrah". That they knew nothing of current affairs and that they were in essence like ostriches, with their heads buried in the sand.

So in their ignorance, they began to give fataawaa and began to talk about those matters which they had no right or justification to talk about. So they delved in the affairs of the Ummah; the affair of Afghanistan, the affair of Sudan, the affair of Algeria, the Gulf Crisis and produced nothing but calamity after calamity and disgrace after disgrace. They, for example, made innocent men, women and children protest against the Algerian government, allowing them to come to the streets, in protest. And woe be to them since the end result of all of that was the massacre, looting and pillage of the innocent. And all the while they claimed that the senior Ulamaa were with them, and behind them on these issues, yet they did nothing but lie and they made great the lie.

And the Salafi Mashayikh, and all praise is due to Allaah, during the trials of the Gulf Crisis, stood firmly behind the Senior Ulamaa, the people of knowledge and excellence. They stood behind the leaders of the Muslims, giving sincerity of purpose to Allaah, to His Book, His Messenger, the Leaders of the Muslims and the general folk. They gave sincere advice to those political activists by way of cassettes, letters, books and refuted the falsehood emanating from their words, their books and cassettes with the hope that they may return to the truth.

However, all of that did nothing but increase them further in their obstinacy and their devised plot against the Salafi Mashayikh. And these activists continued arousing the sentiments of the common-folk and having evil suspicions of the Senior Ulamaa.

As a result of this the Salafi Mashayikh doubted their intentions and realised that the position held by these activists was one not based upon the Shari’ah as such, but upon blind partisanship and political machination, and that this group had a methodology and an agenda. And that their position changed according to what was politically expedient and in their favour. So they opposed the Senior Ulamaa in the Gulf Crisis and then when they became frustrated and could not handle matters they then said, you must adhere to the Ulamaa!!

Then when the incident of Kunar occurred in Afghanistan, when the Ikhwan ul-Mufliseen assassinated the Salafi Shaikh, Mujahid, Jameel ur-Rahmaan, nothing came to the Salafi Mashayikh as more surprising than the strange position of these political activists, when they began to shout and wail, "We do not know the true reality, and about what has happened between the Mujahideen. And we do not know in reality who is the oppressor and who is opressed? Rather, whatever we know is just general detail about this or that. And this is a trial, may Allaah safeguard from it our hands and our tongues. And we call upon everyone to adhere and remain steadfast to what our Ulamaa affirm."

And our Mashayikh, the Salafis, Ahl ul-Hadith wal-Athar responded, "Subhaanallaah!! They used to be well acquainted with the current affairs (fiqh ul-waqi’) during the Gulf crisis, and they used to monitor this crisis for years. And as for the Jihad in Aghanistan, which is indeed jihad in truth, they did not understand its true reality, and nor did they understand the true nature of those sects and those groups who participated in it. They did not know the Sunni from the Bid’i (innovator) amongst those groups and nor the truthful from the falsifier. And yet they are the Scholars of the understanding of current affairs!!! Certainly, this is a very strange affair indeed."

And in the Gulf crisis, they opposed the Ulamaa without exception, and yet after their confusion and inability to understand the state of current affairs, they called upon the people to stand behind and support them!!! And here, they acknowledged that they did not know the truthful one from the liar and nor the oppressor from the oppressed. And alongside this, they were calling for donations to be collected for them. So is this a position based on the Shari’ah, and their affair is like this, or is it a position which is based on political machination too?!!

And furthermore, to whom were they going to present these donations, when they did not even know who is oppressed and who is the oppressor?!!

And from what has preceded and much more, the Salafi Mashayikh became fully aware and at ease with the fact that these political activists had objectives, goals, methodologies, political machinations, ideals which would be worked upon from the outside.

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