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The Foundations of Ibadah
  The Obligation of Ibadah Upon the Creation
Author: Abu Iyad as-Salafi
Source: The Book of Worship
Article ID : IBD010001  [19340]  
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1 Azzawajall: This term is really two words 'Azza' and 'Jalla'. Azza means strength and power coupled with honour and Jalla means sublime, lofty, exalted and dignified. Both the words together show the absolute Greatness of Allaah and His Magnanimity.
2 [Dhaariyaat 51:56]
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14 Reported by Bukhaaaree and Muslim from Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood
15 [Mulk 67:23]
16 [Majmoo al Fataawaa 9/307]
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26 [Dhaariyaat 51:21]
27 [Rum 30:9]
28 [Mulk 67:3-4]
29 [Majmoo al-Fataawaa] (9/313) For an excellent discussion on the nature of the heart, eyes and ears and their role, interdependence and importance in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, refer to Majmoo al-Fataawaa of Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) (9/310)
30 [Hajj 22:46]
31 [Muhammad 47:24]
32 [A'raaf 7:179]
33 [Al-Fawaaid] of Ibn al-Qayyim p.32
34 [Fussilat 41:53]
35 Ruboobiyyah: A term denoting the absolute sovereignty and kingship of Allaah over the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. The verb 'rabba' (and the noun rabb, translated as Lord) is derived from it, meaning: 'to nurture, to bring to fruition, to create, own and regulate, control and bring together all the elements necessary for the existence and well being of something or somebody'. It has three aspects to it: Khalq (creativity): Allaah by Himself makes everything from nothing; Mulk (possession): Allaah, by Himself owns everything; and Amr (administration): Allaah by Himself, controls, directs everything that He creates and all that He owns. Some of the proofs for these are:

{He (Allaah) has the creation and His is the command/administration. Blessed be Allaah the Rabb of all the worlds} [A'raaf 7:54]

{Allaah is your Rabb. He owns everything and those whom you call upon besides Him do not own even the white stringy-strand on a date-stone (such a minute possession)} [Faatir 35:13]

Some of Allaah's Names are related to His Ruboobiyyah and are more specific than the name ar-Rabb. For example: ar-Razzaaq (the Provider), al-Muhyee (the One Who Gives Life). Likewise their are certain actions which are related to His Ruboobiyyah and are more specific than the name ar-Rabb. For example: sending down the rain, splitting the seed, giving someone honour or lowering someone, guiding and misguiding etc.

36 [Al-Madaarij us-Saalikeen] of Ibn al Qayyim 1/31
37 ibid. 1/32
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39 [Nahl 16:36]
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43 Reported byImaam Ahmad in his [Musnad]
44 Reported by Ahmad and Ibn Maajah - hadeeth hasan
45 [Yoonus 10:69]
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47 [Baqarah 2:225]
48 Reported by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh
49 Reported by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh
50 [Shu'araa 26:89]
51 [Anfaal 8:24]
52 [Saaffaat 37:35]
53 [Ghaafir 40:60]
54 [Maryam 19:86]
55 [Yaa Seen 36:54]
56 [Dahr 76:3]
57 [Balad 90:10]
58 [Kahf 18:29]
59 [Tur 52:21]
60 [Nisaa 4:78]
61 [Aali Imraan 3:185]
62 [Nahl 16:36]
63 Uloohiyyah: A term denoting that Allaah is the only One to Whom all forms of worship should be directed in truth, whether actions of the heart (feelings), words and statements or actions of the limbs. The word Ilaah is derived from it meaning: Something that is adored, worshipped, turned to i.e. an object of worship, subservience and adoration. There is nothing else besides Him who deserves that, and this is the meaning of the testimony 'Laa ilaaha illallaaha' (There is no Ilaah which is deserving of worship/subservience except Allaah), the truth and certainty of which every messenger came to establish. Allaah Azzawajall says:

{Your Ilaah is but one Ilaah} [Nahl 16:20]

{And He alone is the Ilaah in the Heavens and the Ilaah in the Earth} [Zukhroof 43:84}

{Invoke not, or pray to any Ilaah along with Allaah. There is no Ilaah but He} [Qasas 28:88]

64 [Yoonus 10:31]
65 [Mu'minoon 23:86-89]
66 [Ahqaaf 46:13]
67 Istiqaama: Steadfastness and patience upon the Straight Path or upon good deeds.
68 [Yoosuf 12:40]

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