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Sayyid Qutb
  The Heresies of Sayyid Qutb in Light of the Statements of the Ulamaa (Part 2)
Author: SalafiPublications.Com
Source: Baraa'ah Ulamaa il-Ummah Min Tazkiyah Ahl il-Bid'ah (by Isaam bin Abdullah as-Sinaanee)
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These words are falsehood and (constitute) deviation (ilhaad) – and refuge is from Allaah. This is deviation and a false accusation against Islaam. And if it had not been for the excuse of ignorance [because] we excuse them on account of (their) ignorance, so we do not say that they are Unbelievers because they are ignorant and are blind followers who have merely quoted this saying without reflecting upon it, hence we excuse them on account of ignorance. Otherwise, these statements are very dangerous and if a person said them deliberately he would become apostate and leave Islaam. However, we say that they are ignorant people because they are but literary writers who have not learnt the knowledge. So they found this statement and rejoiced on account of it and then refuted the Unbelievers by it. Since the Unbelievers say that Islaam empowers some people (over others) and that it enslaves the people and that it… and that it… So they intended to refute them with this ignorance. And when the ignoramus refutes the enemy then he only increases the enemy in evil and hence the enemy holds more tightly to his falsehood. Refutation occurs by way of knowledge. It does no occur by way of sentiments or by ignorance. Rather it occurs by knowledge and evidence. Otherwise, it is obligatory for a person to remain quiet and not to speak in dangerous matters about which he has no knowledge.

So these words are falsehood and whoever says them deliberately then he is an Unbeliever. As for the one who says them out of ignorance or due to blind following (of others), then he is to be excused due to his ignorance. And ignorance is a killing catastrophe – and refuge is from Allaah. Islaam has affirmed slavery and slavery is ancient and existed prior to Islaam and was present in the revealed religions prior to it. And it will continue so long as Jihaad in the path of Allaah exists."


Cassette Recording dated 4/8/1416 and subsequently verified by the Shaikh himself with a few minor alterations to the wording.

2. Fatwaa of the Muhaddith Hammaad bin Muhammad al-Ansaaree

The Shaikh – rahimahullaah - was asked about the statement of Sayyid Qutb, "And it is necessary for Islaam to judge, since it is a unique, constructive and positivist aqidah which has been moulded and shaped from Christianity and Communism together, in the most perfect of ways and which comprises all of their (i.e Christianity and Communism’s) objectives and adds in addition to them harmony, balance and justice." (Ma’rakat ar-Ra’samaaliyyah wal-Islaam).

The Shaikh replied, "If the one who said these words was alive, then his repentance should be sought, so if he repents (then so) otherwise he is to be killed as an apostate. And if he has died then it is obligatory to explain that these words are falsehood. However we do not perform takfir of him since we have not established the proof against him."


From the book of Shaikh Rabee’ ‘al-Awaasim Mimmaa Fee Kutub Sayyid Qutub Minal-Qawaasim’ (p. 24) and who read it out to Shaikh Hammaad himself on the night of 3/1/1415 in order to corroborate it.

3. Fatwaa of Shaikh ‘Abdul-Azeez Ibn Baz

Some parts of the book of Sayyid Qutb ‘at-Tasweer al-Fannee fil-Qur’aan’ were read to him such as his speech about Moosaa - ‘alaihis-Salaam - upon whom he said: "Let us take Moosaa - as the example of the leader of excitable nature - and this excitable impulse quickly passes away and he regains his composure, as is the case with the excitable folk." Then he said with regard to the Saying of Allah - the Most High - "Fa as-ba-hu fil madinati kha bi fan..." :- "This is the description of a well known state: the restlessness or fear of one expecting evil at every turn - and this is the characteristic of the excitable folk." [‘at-Tasweer al-Fannee fil-Qur’aan’: p.200,201,203. 13th ....]

So the Shaikh replied to this:

"Mockery of the Prophets is apostasy in its own."

And is was said to him that Shaikh Rabee’ al-Madhkhalee has written a refutation of Sayyid Qutb, so the Shaikh said: "Rebuttal of him is good."


During a lesson of Shaikh ‘Abdul - ‘Azeez ibn Baaz - hafizahullaah - in his house in Riyaadh: 1413H, ‘Minhaajus-Sunnah tapes of ar-Riyaadh


Shaikh ul-Islaam, Imaam Ibn Baaz was asked, "The one who praises Ahl ul-Bid’ah, is he to be counted amongst them?" So he replied, "Yes, there is no doubt about this, the one who praises them is one who actually calls to them". [Cassette: Aqwaal ul-Ulamaa Fee Sayyid Qutb]

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