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Al-Qadaa wal-Qadr (Divine Ordainment and Predetermination)
  The Four Levels of the Belief in al-Qadr
Author: Dr. Saleh as-Saleh
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D. Taqdeer-There is the Annual Taqdeer, which occurs in the night of decree (lailatul-qadar)

"Therein (that night) is decreed every matter of ordainment." (44:4)

E. Daily Taqdeer - Yawmi

"Whosoever in the Heavens and the Earth asks of Him (for their needs)). Everyday He has a matter to bring forth." (55:29)

The prophet explained the above ayat, "Everyday He has a matter to bring forth"-that He may forgive a sin for someone, lifts in honour some, relief the hardship of someone, lifts in honour some and lowers some. (Ibn Maajah and Abee Aasim in As Sunnah)

What is the relation between all of the above levels of the written Taqdeer?

Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qayyim stressed that the taqdeer in the preserved tablet is a general and comprehensive one that covers everything, while the other levels of taqdeer are special details for the taqdeer of the preserved tablet (Ibn Taymiyah Aqeedah Waasitiyah)

The writing in the preserved tablet is not subject to any change whatsoever because it is based upon Allahs Knowledge (i.e. the one written 50,000 years before the creation of the Heavens and the earth). However changes may occur in the other taqdeers , but these changes are also recorded in the preserved tablet.


Is the belief that Allah has willed everything that goes on in the universe. His will and His preordaining power effectively covers everything. Whatever He willed will occur and whatever He did not will not occur,

"If Allah willed He would have made you one nation, but that He may test you in what He has given you." (5:48)

Had Allah wished for us to follow one book, one legislation and one messenger, at all times and all places, He would have done that. What has passed is what Allah wished:

tests, trials in the different judicial legislation's which He has brought down; thereupon these who will comply will be distinguished from those who disobey or reject. He is All Just and All Wise in His Masheeah (will)

The Mashee'ah and the Iradah (what Allah wants)

Allahs Mashee'ah (Will) is of 2 type:

1.Mashee ah pertinent to His creation and command. It is not necessary that what is being carried out by His creation is liked by Him. He however willed it to pass.

Allah created Satan, yet He hates him. He also created many things He loves. Whatever He permitted to exist, from kufr, belief, obedience or disobedience is pertinent to His Mashheeah, whether He loves it or not. This is also known as Iradah Kawniyyah (universal will) in this will Allah may decree to pass things which He does not command His slaves to follow. Eg: kuffar or disobedience. No one can escape this universal will of Allah or go against it.

2.-Iradah Ash shareeyyah pertinent to Allahs legislation. It is related to what Allah loves and likes whether it takes place or not. The acts of obedience taking place by Allahs creation are loved by Allah and are passed by His universal will. Under His judicial will it is not necessary that His commands are carried out. Some people rebel against his commands. So Allah loves obedience or that we obey our parents etc. but not everyone is obedient to Allah, so even though Allah loves for those to take place, it does not necessarily take place. The linkage between Al Iradah Al kawniyyah and the Iradah Shareeyyah is clear in the following ayah:

"and He likes not kufr for His slaves." (40:7)

Allah does not like or love kuffar, yet it exists


Allah is the sole creator of everything including mans deeds. No single atom or higher element, static or in motion exists, but Allah has created it. Nothing takes place in this world except Allah has created it

'Verily Allah is the creator of everything." (39:62)

"Say (O Muhammad) that Allah is the creator of everything and He is the one Irresistible." (13:16)

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