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Advertising on SalafiPublications.Com

Salafi Publications welcomes advertising on SalafiPublications.Com. Details of demographics and usage statistics are available upon request. Our advertising policy is outlined below:
  • SP is selective about what can be advertised. Banners promoting any of the following will not be advertised on SP: any bank or business involved in interest (usury); usurious transactions of any nature or manifestation; buying or selling of music, consumption or sale of alcohol and intoxicants etc. In short, anything that contradicts and opposes Islamic beliefs, values and morals.

  • SP welcomes the promotion of any of the following: Business not involved with interest (usury); anything related to the preservation and betterment of the earth and its resources; health related issues; manufacture and selling of industrial, electrical and household goods; autos; educational resources etc. In short, anything that does not contradict or oppose Islamic beliefs, values and teachings and which facilitates the livelihood of people in general.

  • Banner ads must not contain faces of living creatures or be accompanied by music. Banner ads must also have the standard dimension of 468 x 60 pixels and must be no greater than 15KB in size.

  • Requests for advertising and details of our rates should be addressed to All requests must contain a contact name, email address, telephone no., fax no. (if available) and the URL of the site to be advertised.

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