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Ruling By Other Than What Allaah Has Revealed
  Imaam Ibn Baaz on Tabdeel and Kufr Doona Kufr
Source: Hiwaar Hawla Masaa’il it-Takfeer Ma’a Allaamah ash-Shaikh Abdul-Azeez Ibn Baaz
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And notice his trickery dickery, when he says, "The declaration states as follows (and I quote):…"!!! So now he is quoting, from the declaration – and does not conveniently quote from his partner’s words, despite his brave challenge in the very same breath, "To which I say, go back to the tapes and quote Ali verbatim". Which is exactly what has been done above.

And notice how Ali Timimi is described as "normally teaching Tawheed in two categories"?!!Maybe there was too much arrogance to readily admit their propagation of an innovation that is essential to the Qutubi Manhaj!!

As for the accusation against Imaam Ibn Baaz,then when you start saying that the Kuwaitis gave so much emphasis to "Tawheed ul-Haakimiyyah" and then mention "four" categories of Tawheed and then revile those who say that to say "Tawheed ul-Haakimiyyah" is an innovation and is only spoken of by an innovator, and you portray to the listeners that the declaration endorses all this and speaks with it and defends it and so on and then at the end, you state that Imaam Ibn Baaz has endorsed every single word in the declaration - giving the impression to all and sundry that he has approved of this innovation - then this is indeed a great deception and lie.

It is pitiful to see such two faced hypocrisy towards the Salafis, and then even worse, to their Imaams, the likes of Imaam Ibn Baaz who is accused of holding onto a deviant concept, and spreading it in order to support the New World Order, disguising it as the beliefs of Salafiyyah – and then their two faced hypocrisy towards Imaam al-Albani, accusing him of being a Jahmi, and then using the books financed by the Jahmis in order to defame his students!!!

And here are some words of the Khariji of the UK, Abdullaah Faisal"... The students and admirers of these wicked scholars, are also kaffirs as well. They travel all over the world and get payed handsomely from the Apostate Saudi Regime to propagate the aqeedah that lends credence to "Kufr dun al Kufr" and to remain quiet and give silent consent to the tyrants and oppressors who have attempted to overthrow Allahs governance on earth!!…..."

And what is the lecture called?? "The Devils Deception of the Murji'ah"!! Indeed, the fountain and spring of Ahl ul-Bid'ah is the one and same!!!

And then to make matters worse, you have their little sidekick, Abu Zubair, trying to cover up the clear promotion of innovation occuring from his mentors, showing great deceit and treachery in his cover-up operation - as has been outlined above - and then proceeding to throw stones at the students of the Imaam and Muhaddith he labelled a Jahmi!!

Allaahu Akbar. May Allaah guide them away from their allegiance to the Innovators and the extremism of their Irjaa' in defending the Innovators, the Mockers of the Prophets, the Mukaffireen of the Companions of Allah, the Slanderers of the Caliphs of Islaam, the Callers to Unity with the Rafidah - and bring them back to the Imaams of the Salaf. Ameen.

[4] The Qutubis have already ascribed to Imaam Ibn Baz that he held onto deviant concepts and supported the New World Order, we wonder how long it will be before they accuse him of being a Murji and Jahmi too!! Due to his speaking with "qasd" and "istihlaal"?!

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