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Ritual Purification
  Al-Iqna' of Ibn al-Mundhir : Section Dealing With Ritual Purity
Author: The Imaam, Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Ibraaheem bin al
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I read under Abu Abdullaah Muhammad bin Yamn al-Maraadee who said; I read under Abu Abdullaah Muhammad bin Ibraaheem al-Balkhee, in Mecca in the Holy Mosque, who said; Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Ibraaheem bin al-Mundhir said in Mecca in the month of Muharram in the year 315H:


1. Ar-Rabee` bin Sulaymaan narrated to us; ibn Wahb narrated to us; Sulaymaan bin Bilaal informed me; Katheer bin Zayd informed me; from al-Waleed bin Rabaah; from Abu Hurayrah (RA) that the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) said,

"Allaah does not accept a prayer without purity and neither charity from ill-gotten means." {1}


{1} Ibn Khuzaimah [1/8 no. 9] and Abu Awaanah [1/235]. The hadeeth has a witness in the hadeeth of ibn Umar (RA) reported by Muslim [Eng. Trans.], at-Tirmidhee [1/5 no. 1], ibn Maajah [1/100 no. 272], al-Bayhaqee [1/42], ibn Khuzaymah [1/8], Ahmad [2/20, 51, 57, 73], Abu Awaanah [1/235], ibn Abee Shaybah [1/4], Abu Nu`aym in 'al-Hilya' [6/176], and Abu Ahmad al-Haakim in 'Shi`aar Ashaab al-Hadeeth' [pg. 48]

CHAPTER ONE : Mention of the Impurities (Ahdaath) that Impair the State of Purity and Obligate Ritual Ablution

2. Abu Bakr narrated to us; Alee bin al-Hasan narrated to us; Abdullaah bin al-Waleed al-`Adnee narrated to us; from Sufyaan; from `Aasim; from Zirr bin Habeesh who said; I went to Safwaan bin `Asaal to ask him about wiping [over the socks for ritual ablution] to which he replied:

"The Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) used to order us not to remove our leather socks (khuffs) for three days and nights [when on a journey] except in the case of major impurity (janaabah). However [one could perform ritual ablution including wiping over the socks due to] sleeping, excreting or urinating." {2}

Abu Bakr [ibn al-Mundhir] said: The matters that obligate ritual ablution are

  • One. The emission of excrement or wind from the rear.
  • Two. The emission of urine from the private part of the man and of the woman.
  • Three. Al-Madhee (the clear substance that comes out of the penis before the ejaculation of sperm).
  • Four. Sleep, even if it be a little, regardless of what posture the person is in. {3}
  • Five. The man touching his wife. {4}
  • Six. Eating camel meat. {5}
  • Seven. The loss of sanity, regardless of how one lost it - be it through insanity or unconciousness.

Everything that comes out of the penis or vagina or bottom constitutes impurity, impairs the state of purity and obligates ritual ablution.

The certainty of being in a state of purity is not removed by having a doubt that one may have done something breaking the state of purity.


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