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Missionaries et al.
Frequently Asked Questions About Christianity   (9 Articles)
Christianity FAQ 9 : Did All Things Come Into Being Through Jesus?
A look at the argument for Jesus being the `essential unity of godhead`. [22-Apr-00 : 03:03 PM]
Christianity FAQ 8 : Salvation Only in Being a Follower of Christ?
Refutation of the claim that salvation is only in being a follower of Christ. [22-Apr-00 : 03:00 PM]
Christianity FAQ 7 : More on the Trinity Doctrine
A look at the famous verse of the Bible used to prove the Trinitarian doctrine. [22-Apr-00 : 02:56 PM]
Christianity FAQ 6 : The Doctrine of Trinity
Analysing the texts that relate to the doctrine of trinity in the Bible and the problems associated with it. [09-Apr-00 : 01:07 PM]
Christianity FAQ 5 : Being Born Again
What does being born again really mean and what does it entail? [09-Apr-00 : 01:05 PM]
Christianity FAQ 4 : Jesus the Begotten Son?
A look at the original greek term that is translated quited 'liberally' in Biblical texts to justify the begotten nature of Jesus. [09-Apr-00 : 01:02 PM]
Christianity FAQ 3 : He Who Has Seen Me Has Seen the Father
Yet another argument from which it is adduced that Jesus and God are one. [05-Aug-99 : 07:59 PM]
Christianity FAQ 2 : I Am the Way
The true meaning of this statement viewed in light of Jesus's mission. [05-Aug-99 : 07:53 PM]
Christianity FAQ 1 : I And The Father Are One
Reply to this very common argument used by most missionaries to prove Jesus is one with God. [05-Aug-99 : 07:35 PM]

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