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On Eemaan, Ibaadah and Tawheed : Their Link and Interrelation.
  Lesson 1: Eemaan Consists of Speech and Action
Author: Abu Iyaad as-Salafi
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So this is proof, from the Qur’aan, Sunnah and the Salaf, that eemaan increases and decreases.

Inshaa’allaah this much is sufficient for a good understanding of this topic…

All praise is due to Allaah, prayers and peace upon His Final Messenger, Muhammad, his family and his companions.

Try to answer the following questions to make sure you have understood all of this;

  1. Give the definition of eemaan.

  2. What is meant by ‘speech’ and ‘action’

  3. Explain each of the following: the speech of the heart, the speech of the tongue, the actions of the heart, the actions of the tongue, the actions of the limbs. Please give an example for each one aswell.

  4. Why does eemaan increase and decrease.

  5. Quote two verses of the Qur’aan which highlight the necessity of ‘the Speech of the Heart’.

  6. Quote three verses of the Qur’aan to show that eemaan increases and decreases.

  7. Quote two hadeeth to show that eemaan increases and decreases.

  8. What is the link between Tawheed and the components of eemaan? (See if you can reproduce the diagram to help you answer this).

  9. Finally, an astray sect appeared around the time of the taabi’een who claimed that eemaan is constant, it does not increase or decrease. Do you know its name? The effects of the false understanding of this group are still present today so if you think over this lesson, can you recognise some of the signs of this misguided group and can you see how many groups and individuals still have some aspects of the understanding of this astray group?

See if you can answer all of these questions inshaa’allaah. If you have follow up questions, you can ask them next time.

30th October 1997

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