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Sayyid Qutb
  Shaikh Ubayd ul-Jabiree on Sayyid Qutb
Source: Cassette Lecture
Article ID : NDV010005  [24627]  

SHAIKH ‘UBAYD AL-JAABIREE - hafizahullah - said when asked about the book ‘Fee zilaalil - Qur’aan’ and does it contain error? Then he replied:

"The reality is that this is a fine question, but something outside my ability at the moment since it is filled with errors. So as I know Shaikh ‘Abdullah ad-Duwaish - rahimahullaah - presented a hundred and eighty one of his errors. *

[‘al - Mawriduz - Zalaal fit - Tanbeej ‘alaa Akhtaaiz - Zilaal’ of the scholar Abdullah as-Duwaish - 1st Edition, 1408H. Daarul - ‘Ulyaan, al-Qaseem, Buraidah],

and I have looked at this and found... I have seen some of them. So from that is that he said in tafseer of Soorah TaaHaa - with regard to the Saying of Allah - the Most High - " THE VERSE" [TaaHaa : Aayah 4] he said:

"And the Qur’aan is a phenomenon in existence just like the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth, it came down from the highest company (of angels)." *

[‘az-Zilaal’ : (4/2328) - 12th edition, Daarul - ‘Ilm. Jeddah].

What is the meaning of this phrase. O brothers - what does it mean... how do you know that means that it is created? Then we say: Come, what is the meaning of the word ‘Kawnee’ (Existing in creation)... The word means that it came into being due to the Word ‘Kun’ [i.e. Be!] and this means that it is created. Then whether Sayyid Qutb - may Allah pardon him and us - believe this, then that is another matter - but this is an error.

The second place: with regards to: "Qul hu wallaahu Ahad" - myself and some of the brother read where he affirms ‘Wahdatul - Wujood’ and we found him stating the position of Jabr - which is that a person is compelled to do whatever he does and has no choice. *

[‘az-Zilaal’: 6/4002 - 4003: 12th edition, Daarul - ‘Ilm, Jeddah]

Then I have three points to make here:

FIRSTLY: That Sayyid Qutb - rahimahullaah - is mistaken in this, and if he were alive we would say that it was obligatory upon him to retract it, and the proof would be established upon him if he were alive, otherwise he would have committed clear Kufr, since these are matters which cause a person to be an Unbeliever, they are words of Kufr.

SECONDLY: It is not permissible for us to approve of the books of Sayyid Qutb, nor al-Ghazaalee, nor al-Mawdoodee, nor Muhammad Qutb, nor an-Nadawee, meaning: that we approve of them for the youth and thus hinder them from other work - with the excuse that they are scholars of Islaam. Likewise at-Turaabee - join him along with them - this is not permissible at all in the early years of a person and the early years of his seeking knowledge. Then your youth, O brothers, would grow up a Mu’tazilee, a Jahmee, a person of ‘Wahdatul - Wujood’, an apostate - he would grow up like that and the poor person wouldn’t even know.

THIRDLY: Whoever circulates the books of those people and they know the afflictions contained in them - then by Allah, by Allah :- they are treacherous to the Ummah and are deceiving the Ummah and I fear that this hadeeth will apply to them :- "May Allah’s curse be upon one who shelters an innovator" - these are three points, accept them from me with regard to the books of Sayyid Qutb and at-Turaabee and others. *

*[A lecture by the Shaikh entitled: ‘Avoid the seven sins that cause destruction’ : at-Taaif, 1st side of cassette, on 11/2/1413 H ].


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