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Misconceptions About the Scholars of the Salaf
  Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen Clears Imaam al-Abaanee of Irjaa Once Again
Author: SalafiPublications.Com
Source: Makaalamaat Ma’a Mashaayikh ad-Da’wah as-Salafiyyah (Part 4)
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Stated Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen (hafidhahullaah):

"Whoever accused Shaikh al-Albaanee of Irjaa’ has erred. Either he is one who does not know al-Albaanee or he is one who does not know Irjaa’.

Al-Albaanee is a man from Ahl us-Sunnah – may Allaah have mercy upon him –, a defender of it, an Imaam in Hadeeth. We do not know of anyone who has surpassed him in our time. However, some people – and we ask Allaah’s pardon – have jealousy in their hearts[1]. For when [one of them] sees that a person has been met with acceptance [by the people], he begins to find fault with him on account of something, just like the hypocrites, those who used to defame those believers who would give freely in charity – and those [i.e. hypocrites] who would find nothing but the striving of [the believers]. So they would defame the one who would give charity in abundance, and also the poor person who would give charity!

We know the man from his books – may Allaah have mercy upon him – and I know him from sitting with him on occasions. He is Salafi in aqeedah, of sound manhaj. However some people desire to perform takfeer of the servants of Allaah on account of something that Allaah did not perform takfeer of them[2]. Then they claim that whoever opposes them in this takfeer is a Murji’ – a lie, slander, and mighty fabrication.

Therefore, do not listen to this saying regardless of whomever it comes from!

Cassette: Makaalamaat Ma’a Mashaayikh ad-Da’wah as-Salafiyyah (Part 4)
Dated 12/6/2000CE.

And this is another refutation of the Qutubiyyah – those who defend the Mockers of the Messengers, the Revilers of the Companions (and those who perform Takfeer of the Companions, Muslim Societies and Nation States) – and accommodate the Innovators and Groups of Innovation with all that they contain of Shirk, Kufr and Bid’ah – detesting that they be refuted and exposed – showing the extremism of their Irjaa’ in all of that – the very first Murji’ah saying “sins do not harm in the presence of Imaan”, and then their latter-day counterparts exceeding all bounds, the tongue of their disposition saying “acts of kufr, shirk and bid’ah do not harm in the presence of Imaan” – and their limbs and tongues bearing testimony to all of that on account of the severity of their hatred and their disdain and mockery of Ahl us-Sunnah [who stood to expose and refute the Innovators and their innovations, those of Qutub, Banna, Tilmisani, Sibaa’ee, Qaradawi, Fat-hi Yakun, Hasan Turabi, Suroor and the callers to repugnant and blind hizbiyyah and democracy of the Infidels, the likes of ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaliq and ash-Shayijee] - the while they defend and shelter the Innovators with their futile principle of al-Muwaazanah, the Trojan Horse of Ahl ul-Bi'dah.


[1] Like the one who considers himself to be seeing "baseer" but is in reality blind in both vision (basr) and insight (baseerah), and who has been stripped of the guidance of light and success, so he wanders in his blind confusion, accusing the Imaams of Ahl us-Sunnah with that which he is unable to comprehend himself.

[2] Like those who performed takfeer of the sinners, the ones who promote music and licentious speech and like the one who authored the book that reached "the extremity in evil" as Imaam al-Albaanee described it – accusing his opponents with blameworthy Irjaa’ and performing takfeer on account of sins such as taking usury and frequenting places where free-mixing and drinking takes place.


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