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Misconceptions About the Scholars of the Salaf
  Imaam adh-Dhahabi on Ibn Taymiyyah : Removing the Misconceptions
Author: Shaikh Saleem al-Hilaalee
Source: Al-Kawkab ad-Durree (trans. A. Iyaad)
Article ID : MSC060003  [19693]  
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Certainly, reproach and hatred is only justified for one of two types of men; the one who gives a verdict in a matter based upon his desires and does not show any evidence, and the one who speaks in a matter without having the slightest amount of knowledge and nor the capacity to quote the narrations. So we seek refuge in Allaah from the desires and ignorance. There is also no doubt that consideration is not to be given to the praise given to him by the leading personalities (accompanying him) and nor those who exaggerate in his affair, for their love of him led them to cover up his errors and they would often count them as good deeds for him. However, consideration is only given (to the testimony) of the people of piety and fear from among the two groups, those who speak with justice and who raise (only) for the sake of Allaah, even if it was against their own souls or against their fathers. And as for this man, I do not desire the world, nor any wealth or status by what I have said concerning him from any aspect whatsoever and this is despite my perfect and complete knowledge regarding him. And it is not permitted for me in my deen and nor for my intellect that I conceal his good deeds, hide his excellencies, expose his sins which are forgiven due to the vastness of Allaah's generosity and highlight an individual page (of his writings) which would become obscure when compared to the ocean of his knowledge and generosity. Allaah will forgive him and be pleased with him. He will also show mercy to us if we were to adopt and follow that which he (Shaikh ul-Islaam) followed, despite the fact that I differed with him in both fundamental and subsidiary issues. I have just made it plain and clear that his mistakes in these matters are forgiven, in fact Allaah will reward him for them to the extent of his good intention and sacrifice of his time and effort and Allaah is the One whom we shall meet at the appointed time. And I have also been harmed by his companions due to my words concerning him, so Allaah is sufficient for me as a reckoner." Then he said, "And I have followed in between the two groups. To the one who loves him, I am considered as one who falls short and to the one who hates him, I am considered immoderate and excessive. Never, by Allaah (is this the case)". End of quote from adh-Dhahabee.

And if it is said, 'Perhaps this biography is tarnished and has been tampered with!', then we say that we have compared the individual sections that make up this biography with the aforementioned words of Imaam adh-Dhahabee from his other books and behold, they are the very same![12]

For this reason we say that the treatise entitled 'an-Naseehah adh-Dhahabiyyah', that which the Mareesee of this era, al-Kawtharee has spread along with his work 'Bayaan Zaghal al-'Ilm' is a forgery against adh-Dhahabee[13] and the evidences against it are in the work itself, yet this is not the place to detail them." End of quote from Shaikh Saleem al-Hilaalee.[14]

Finally, Dr Sa'eed Ramadaan al-Bootee, known for His Ash'aree and Soofee beliefs and his attack against the way of the Salaf states, "And we are amazed when we see the extremists declaring Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allaah have mercy upon him, of being a disbeliever. And also at their saying that he was one who held Allaah to be a body (jism). I have studied hard and long in order to to see where I could find a statement or a word from Ibn Taymiyyah that he wrote or said which would indicate that he held Allaah to be a body, as has been quoted from him by as-Subkee and others, and I have not found anything from him like this. All I found was his statements in his fataawaa, 'Indeed, Allaah has a Hand as He said and has arisen over the Throne as He said, and He has an eye as He said." And he (al-Bootee) also said, " I referred to the final work written by Abu Hasan al-'Ash'aree, 'al-Ibaanah' and I found him saying exactly what Ibn Taymiyyah said (i.e. on the issue of Allaah's Attributes)."[15]

So from this, you will have been made aware of the sophistry of the neo-Jahmites[16], if Allaah wills. And regarding the issues[17] for which Ibn Taymiyyah is repeatedly and knowingly attacked then such attacks do not arise except from one in whose knowledge or mind there is deficiency and in Allaah is the refuge.


1 Referring to 'al-Kashf al-Mathaalee' and 'Munaaqashat ul-Albaaniyyeen', authored to defame and revile the Noble Shaikh Naasir ud-Deen al-Albaanee and casting aspersions upon him and his students and distributed and spread by the Qutubiyyah, Surooriyyah.

2 'A Warning against and Refutation of the one who believed in the Precedence of the Universe and in a Limit (for Allaah)'.

3 'Al-Kawkab ad-Durree al-Mathaalee al-Munqid 'alaa Da'aawee ash-Shaanee al-Qaalee fee Kashfihi al-Baalee' (p. 26-27).

4 In al-Bazzaar's 'al-A'laam al-'Uliyyah' (p.82).

5 Ibn Naasir's 'ar-Radd al-Waafir' (p.95)

6 In 'ar-Radd al-Waafir' (p.245)

7 'al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah' (14/118-119)

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