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The Methodology of the Salaf Concerning Politics
  The Meaning of Fiqh ul-Waqi'
Author: Shaihk Salih al-Fawzan
Source: Al-Ajwibah al-Mufidah (pp 4-5) (trans. Abdul Ilaah)
Article ID : MNJ080003  [58375]  

Question: What is the meaning of ‘Fiqh al Waaqi’’ (science of current affairs)?

“The fiqh (science) that is required is the science in the book and the sunnah. This is the fiqh that is required and necessary. As regard the gaining fiqh in the language then that is from the permissable things that which the people need such that they gain understanding in the language. Knowing the meanings of the words and their letters. This is what is called fiqh in the language. For example the book ‘Fiqh logha lil Tha’labee’ and other than it.

As for the fiqh when it is used generally as in the saying of Allaah: “That they may gain fiqh in the religion.”[1]

And his (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) saying “ Whomsoever Allaah intends to show goodness to He gives him the fiqh in religion.”[2]

And His saying: “What is wrong with these people…”[3]

and: “However the hypocrites do not have understanding (la yafqahoon).”[4]

The meaning of these is FIQH in religion. By knowing the rulings of the sharee’ah. This is what is required and this is what the Muslims must hold onto. They must also learn it. However when these people use Fiqh al Waaqi’ they do not mean fiqh in the language but rather they mean: to occupy themselves in the affairs of politics and to focus on politics. They use their time and give importance to it.

As for fiqh in rulings they call it the fiqh of parts (side issues, mundane issues) and they call it the ‘fiqh of womens blood and menstruation.’ Such that they call people away from busying themselves with it.”[5]

Abi Abdullah Jamal ibn Fareehaan al Haarithee who put the above questions and answers together adds a footnote to this answer:

“ As for what they call Fiqh al Waaqi’ then they mean by it to occupy the people with the politics and to criticise the rulers and to light up problems and remove security. They use this terminology to confuse the people. This is not a new thing from the people of ‘Fiqh al Waaqi.’’ Their leader who proceeded them Sayid Qutb has mentioned Fiqh al Waaqi’ in his book ‘Fi Dilaal al Quran [4/2006] regarding the verse in soorah Yusuf “Make me in charge of the storage of the land. I indeed am able to guard and knowledgeable(of it since he had the ability to interpret the dream regarding the harvest).” Sayid Qutub said after speaking about this verse: “ The Islamic fiqh has flourished in the Islamic society. It has flourished from the organisation in the society facing the needs of the current(waaqi’) Islamic life. The ‘Fiqh Harakaat,’ differs fundamentally from the ‘FIQH OF PAPERS.’ The ‘Fiqh Harakaat’ takes into account the current affairs which the text has come upon.”


[1] Soorah Tawbah: 122

[2] Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (71), Saheeh Muslim (1037)

[3] Soorah Nisaa: 78

[4] Soorah Munafiquoon: 7

[5] Sheikh Saalih ibn Abdullah Fawzan al Fawzan in ‘Ajwiba al Mufeeda ala Asila al manhaj al Jadeedah. P.4/5


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