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Khushoo` and Beautification of the Prayer
  Ibn al-Qayyim on the Hadeeth Qudsee : "I Have Divided the Prayer Between Myself and My Servant..."
Author: Ibn al-Qayyim
Source: As-Salaat wa Hukm Taarikihaa (Eng. Trans. Abu `Iyad as-Salafi)
Article ID : IBD060001  [27530]  
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...Then Allaah makes it clear that the people of this Guidance are those who have been specified with His favour, not those upon whom is His anger, and they are the ones who know the Truth but do not follow it and not of those who are astray, and they are those who worship Allaah without knowledge. Both of these groups share with each other in speaking about His creation, His command and His Names and Attributes without knowledge. The path of those upon whom is His favour and blessing is different from that of the people of falsehood with respect to knowledge and action.

When he finishes from this praise, supplication and tawheed he has been ordered to end it with ‘aameen’ which is a seal to (to his supplication) and with which the aameen of the angels in the sky coincides. This aameen is from the beautification of the prayer, just like the raising of the hands is a beautification of the prayer, a following of the sunnah, veneration of the command of Allaah, worship by the hands and a sign of the transition from one pillar (of the prayer) to another.

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