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Hizb ut-Tahreer
  Hizb ut-Tahrir and Denial of the Punishment of the Grave - A First Hand Account
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Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah

John Abbot Williams writes:

>> While we are on erroneous doctrines, it is sometimes said that Hizb al-Tahrir
>> does not believe in the  punishment of the grave. Can some of our articulate
>> brethren enlighten us on this matter ?

This is a part of a larger package of lies spread in the late seventies by the Jordanian Intelligence Service as a way pre-empt the spread of Hizb ut-Tahreer there.

Hizb ut-Tahreer accepts the existence of the "punishment of the grave". Actually in his book "Ahkam Al Salah", the founder of Hizb ut-Tahreer, Taqee ud-Deen Al Nabhani, recommends the recitation of a Dua'a (prayer) narrated from Rasool Allah (after finishing the last tashahood and before tasleem) which includes: "O Allah, I seek refuge in you from the punishment of the grave..."

(Ahkamu Al Salah, Du3a section).

Indeed all praises are for allaah, may his peace and blessings be upon Muhammad

Well, well, well. first and foremost, hizbut-tahreer DO NOT believe in the punishment of the grave. (aaimmatu hizbit-tahreeri, laa yu'minoona bi athaab-il qubri)

I know this from personally asking the ameer of hizb-ut-tahreer in england, omar bakri muhammad, some time ago. and from my experience as a student at imperial college, and the other universities in london, this view has been pushed by hizb-ut-tahreer. so, no brother, this is not spread by the jordanian intelligence service - but in fact from the leaders of hizb-ut- tahreer - and fairly openly too.

Back in the first saturday of may 1992, after dhuhr, during my first year at university, i attended a lecture gien by him at london central mosque at regents park. i also taped the lecture. during it, he said, and i quote:

"I encourage all of you an tusaddiqu [to trust] athaabal qubr [the punishment of the grave] .. but you ever believe on that he is sinful." So imagine it, brothers and sisters, there you are making duah, praying to seek refuge in the punishment of the grave [as is recommended by the hizb- ut-tahreer leaders] but you're sinful if you believe in it!

You see, hizb-ut-tahreer, i feel, know that what they are saying is obsurd, so they try to play with words - and end up saying ridiculous things. They say "nusaddiqu" [we trust - saddaqa] but they will never say "nu'minu" [we believe - aamana]. in fact a brother i know, who used to be very heavily involve with the party, was told that he could say anything he liked in english but if he ever said "nu'minu biathaab-il qubar" [i believe in the punishment of the grave] he would not be allowed to become a member of the party. and really, all those brothers in england who did not know this and are working to become party members of the hizb-ut-tahreer, ask omar bakri muhammad about this. in fact, say "u'minu biathaab-il qubri" [i believe in the punishment of the grave] - in arabic, and ask him if you can still be a member. and just for the record allow me to mention some quotes from classical scholars of ahl-us-sunnati wal jamaa'ah concerning this:

in the classical work "al aqeedat-ut-tahaaweeyah" imaam tahaawee starts:

"this is an explanation of the aqeedah [belief] of ahl-us-sunnati wal jamaa'ah upon the way of the scholars of this religion Abu Haneefah an-numaan ibn thaabit al koofee, abu yoosuf Yaqoob ibn ibraheem al ansaaree abd abu abdullaah muhammad ibn al hasan ash-shaybaanee - may allaah be pleased with them all - and the beliefs they held concerning the fundementals of the Deen [religion/way of life] and their belief in the lord of the worlds."

and later says

"we believe [nu'minu bi] in the angel of the death, who is charged to take the souls of the worlds and in the punishment of the grave [bi-athaabil- qubri] for those who deserve it, and the questioning in the grave by munkar and nakeer ..." [pp 390, 396 of `sharhul-aqeedat-it-tahaaweeyah' of ibn abeel 'izz al hanafee, pub. maktab-ul islaamee].

and imaam ahmad bin hanbel said:

"we believe in the punishment of the grave [nu'minu bi athaab-il qubr] and in munkar and nakeer, and that the slave is asked in his grave."

[see p 388, vol 1 of `fiqh-us-sunnah' by sayyid saabiq, pub. daar-ul fathi lili'laam-il-arabee].

inshaa allaah, that should do. and i hope this doesn't end up as a debate about ahad and mutawaatir hadeeth - but if it does, then i am prepared.

and please fogive me if there's a tone of anger in my writing - but the belief held by the said group is obsurd, and it's amazing how many people don't realise that.

glory be to allaah and praise; i testify that none has the right to be worshipped but you; forgive me and to you do i repent.

zaeem sivardeen


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