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Hizb ut-Tahreer
  Questions and Answers on Hizb ut-Tahrir (al-Muhajiroun)
Author: Shaikh Saleem al-Hilaalee
Source: Cassette Recording
Article ID : GRV030002  [29174]  
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Regarding HT - It is a party founded by Taqiyyud-deen an Nabhaanee. As for this party - then we have a number of observation s to make about it:

1. That they do not accept "Khabarul-Aahaad" in 'Aqeedah and this has caused them to separate from Ahlus-Sunnah in 'Aqeedah since accepting the ahaadeeth is an important principle - so they do not accept the Messengers (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) sayings in points of 'Aqeedah. So they do not believe for example, in the punishment in the grave, they do not believe in the Dajjal and they do not believe in the descent of the Maseh - and they do not believe in many things which are mentioned in hadeeth. And this is of course, something futilie since authentic aahaad ahadeeth which are those reported by good / reliable, precise narrators from the first to the last of them - not contradicting something more reliable - and not contain hidden weakness and the hadeeth which fulfill these five conditions amounts to knowledge whereas they say that it amounts only to conjecture (zann) - and the reply to them in detail is to be found in my book: "al-adillah wash-Shawaahid fee wujoob al-Akhdh bikhabral-waahid fil Ahkaam wal 'Aqaaid", where I mention their evidences from their book "ad-Doosiyyah" and I have replied to them in detail, so he who wishes to go into depth then let him refer back to that book, which I ask Allaah to make of benefit to the Muslims.

2. This party accuses Ahlus-Sunnah of being Jabariyyah as they plainly state in their book "ad-Doosiyyah" so they say with regards to the matter of Qadaa and Qadr:

" if we look to Ahlus-Sunna - who think that they have come out in their view from between dung and blood then they are Jabariyyah."

Then this is ignorance of this important part of 'Aqeedah since Ahlus-Sunna wal-Jamaa'ah affirm what Allah has affirmed and deny what Allah has denied. they affirm that the servant has free-will - except that it is not but by the will of Allah - the most Perfect and free from defects, and the Most high, and there are great proofs of this - and we have mentioned some of them in out reply to them in out book: "al-Jamaa'aatul-Islaamiyyah."

3. Also this party has various peculiar opinions - so for example they allow nude photographs, they allow one to look at photographs and this contains great danger due to a Sharee'ah point then it is the Prophet's (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) saying: "let not a woman describe another woman to her husband - as if he were looking at her." So his (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) saying: " if he were looking at her" - he is not actually looking at her, but a description of her is brought into his mind so the forbiddance is from this imaginary picture - so how is it then if the picture is physically in front of one looking at it?! - showing her attractions and her body - indeed revealing her 'awrah - is this not even more forbidden? Secondly, this picture even if it does not move or feel - yet it is a real picture - and nudity is something haraam - so how can we allow looking at this thing which is haraam?

Further, looking at this picture incites the animal instincts in a person and the 'shaytaanic tendencies' - so that which leads to haraam is itself haraam. Indeed the matter has gone beyond bounds with them - to the extent that they allow kissing a (strange) woman, and this is something dangerous.

4. What is more dangerous is that they have turned all their attention to accusing the rulers. 'this one is an American (stooge), this one is a British (stooge)' - as if there were no-one else in the worlds except America and Britain and as if it were America and Britain who were running the affairs of creation. And this causes people to turn away from the correct understanding of their Deen and away from Allah's way of changing the affairs. They think that if they change the ruler they will attain what they desire - and this is contrary to the natural way laid down by Allah with reagrd to changes which come bout amongst the creation:

Verily never will Allah change a condition of a people until they change what is within their souls [Ra'd 13:11]

And is we imagine that the ruler would change - whilst the nation do not believe in this Deen - then what would happen is that these people will cause a revolution as had happened, for example lately in Russia - this state was established by force and through tyranny and through suppressing the voice of the people through killing - so we find that he people did not support it, but rather opposed it. And for Allah's laws to be enforced throughout throughout this earth - they have to be carried / defended by the Believers -

He it is that has strengthened you with His aid and with the Believers. [Anfaal 8:62]

So we don't wait for the east or the west to help the Deen, but its own people have to be its carriers - they are the ones to carry and defend the Deen.

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