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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  The Attributes of a Successful Caller
Author: Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan
Source: Advice to Muslim Societies Series (No. 7) Trans. Abdul-Ilah Lahmami
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Allaah’s saying “I am indeed from amongst the Muslims” means that he belongs to Islam and the Muslims and the group of Muslim. He does not belong to any others except Muslims.

Then Allaah the most high shows that the caller to Allaah will meet some harm from the people but He advised (the caller) to push forward with one that is better.

If anyone has wronged him then he should meet this wrong with righteousness. For this will result in the acceptance of his call.

“And good and bad are not equal, push forward with one which is better.” [soorah Fusuliat: 34]

So when the caller is harmed, he doesn’t consider what is said or done against him. He meets the wrong with that which is good. So he is good to whoever has harmed him so that he brings people to good because he doesn’t want to be victorious himself but rather he wants good for the people. This is why the Prophet saws never gave victory to his own self. Rather he became angry and took revenge if the sanctuaries of Allaah were violated. As for himself then he was harmed and it was said of him (this and that) and they spoke against him but he never sought victory for himself rather he wanted the reward from Allaah. This is from the essential fundamentals of the call, having righteousness to the ones being called even if they fall into error. This will bring them to goodness and attract them to good as for meeting them with bad then this will push them away.

“Push forward with one which is better.” [soorah Fusilat: 34]

Then Allaah showed the fruits of this and said:

“But none is granted it (the above quality) except those who are patient and none is granted it except the owner of the great portion (of happiness in the hereafter i.e. paradise and of a high moral character) in this world.” [soorah Fusilat: 35]

Then He showed that this attribute is dear, meaning that the person should be patient and should endure (harms) and he should answer bad things with good. This is a good attribute which Allaah said:

“And none shall reach it except those who are patient.” [soorah Fusilat: 35]

This requires patience and it is to imprison the soul from wanting revenge and being victorious. Settling down the soul and this is what protects him from his human enemy, with goodness towards him until you invite him by love and he comes to the truth. As for the satanic enemy then Allaah has shown how to protect oneself from them.

“And if an evil whisper from satan tries to turn you away (from doing good) then seek refuge in Allaah, He is the All Hearer, the All Knower.” [soorah Fusilat: 36]

The caller to Allaah will face the human devils and the Jinn devils. As for the human devil then he should face him with goodness upon their error and forgiveness upon their errors and not to pay attention to what they say. As for the jinn from amongst the devils then one is protected by seeking refuge. This is the way for the successful caller. That he continues to call to the way of Allaah and that he should not weaken such that his effort decreases due to a person harming him or that he(the person) spoke against him. The reason being is that he is not calling to himself and he is not looking to give victory to himself rather he is calling to Allaah, the most high. So the call to Allaah means inviting others to enter the religion of Allaah who is the one who has created this creation for that purpose, the one who gives their happiness, and improves them and gives them success.

The caller to Allaah doesn’t want from the people to look towards himself by rewarding him. Rather he seeks the reward from Allaah. The caller to Allaah does not seek promotion and to be prestigious in the land. He looks to the benefit of the people and to take the people out of darkness into light. This is what the successful caller seeks as for the one opposite to that, seeking to be seen or praise from the people, no doubt that he returns to the beginning of the path when he meets the first obstacle. As for the one who calls to Allaah then he is not put off but he continues his da’wa.

“Say: I do not seek from you reward.” [soorah aln’am: 90]

All of the Prophets said to their nation: “I do not ask from you any reward.” “What we want is to benefit you and bring good, if you accept then that is the intention sought. If you do not accept then we have left the responsibility (to Allaah) and have established the proof upon you.”

The call to Allaah precedes Jihaad (strive in the cause of Allaah) because the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam used to send his army to call the people to Islam before they fight them.

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