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Selected Tafsir of the Qur`an   (5 Articles)
An Explanation of the Verse when Iblees said to Allaah: ""Because You have sent me astray"
An Explanation of the Verse when Iblees said to Allaah, "Because You have sent me astray, I shall sit in wait against them!" [26-Jun-06 : 02:18 AM]
Tafsir of Surah Ikhlaas (112)
A summary of the explanation of this great Surah in note form derived from the classical work of Shaikh ul-Islaam [01-Jun-99 : 05:32 PM]
Tafsir of Surah Najm (53) Verses 38-41
A look at the verse "And man can have nothing except what he strives for" in the words of Ibn Kathir and ash-Shawkani [01-Jun-99 : 05:26 PM]
Tafsir of Surah Hujuraat (49) Verse 6
Explanation of the verse requesting Muslims to verify all information and news that is presented to them. [01-Jun-99 : 05:22 PM]
Tafsir of Surah an-Nazi`aat
An excellent article which brings together the statements of the major mufassireen, past and contemporary in explanation of this Surah. [01-Jul-99 : 03:21 PM]

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