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Concerning the Mawlid (Prophet's Birthday Celebration)   (4 Articles)
Ibn Hajr and Ibn Kathir on the Inventor of the Milad
A look at the view of Ibn Hajr, Ibn Kathir and adh-Dhahabi on the Inventor of the Milad. [14-Aug-99 : 11:30 PM]
Did Ibn Katheer Author a Book Endorsing the Mawlid?
A look at another of the distortions of Ahl ul-Bidah in trying to portray to the masses that the Salafi Ulamaa wrote books in promotion of the mawlid. [14-Aug-99 : 11:24 PM]
Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah on the Mawlid
A look at the discussion of Ibn Taymiyyah which has frequently used the innovators to claim that he supports the mawlid. [14-Aug-99 : 11:21 PM]
Concerning the Hadith that the Prophet (sas) Performed Aqiqah After His Prophethood
A discussion of the authenticity of the hadith used to legitimise the innovation of mawlid. [14-Aug-99 : 11:18 PM]

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