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Concerning Fasting
  Remaining steadfast after Ramadaan
Author: 'Abdullaah Ibn Saalih Al-Fawzaan
Source: Ahaadeeth As-Siyaam: Ahkaam wa Adaab (pg. 155-157) (trans. Masjid Ahl-ul-Qur'aan wa Sunnah)
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The righteous predecessors would struggle to complete and perfect their deeds, hoping afterwards, that it would be accepted and fearing that it would be rejected. From the reports of 'Alee t is that he said: "Be more concerned with having your deeds accepted than with the deed itself. Did you not hear Allaah say: 'Verily Allaah, only accepts from those who have Taqwaa?' [4]" [5]

'Aa'ishah said: "I asked the Messenger of Allaah r concerning the ayah: 'And those who give away that which they give (i.e. charity and other good deeds), while their hearts tremble with fear.' Are they the ones who drink alcohol and steal?" He r said: "No, O daughter of As-Siddeeq. But rather, they are the ones who fast and pray and give in charity, yet fear that it won't be accepted from them. They are the ones who rush to do good deeds and they are the first to do them." [6]

So be warned and again be warned – of turning backward after having attained guidance, of going astray after persevering! And ask Allaah to provide you with endurance in doing righteous deeds and continuity in performing good acts. And ask Allaah that He grant you a good end, in order that He may accept our Ramadaan from us.


[1] Saheeh Muslim (no. 38)
[2] Surat-ul-Hijr: 99
[3] Surat-ul-Baqarah: 185
[4] Surat-ul-Maa'idah: 27
[5] Lataa'if-ul-Ma'aarif (pg. 246)
[6] Reported by At-Tirmidhee and authenticated by Al-Albaanee in his Saheeh checking of it: (3/79-80)

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