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Hisham Kabbani
  Exposing Kabbani 18 : The Perils of Resorting to Kalaam
Author: Abu Hudhayfah
Article ID : NDV070018  [15303]  

One can only think that Kabbani’s views about the Attributes of Allaah are a result of the perils of resorting to Kalaam (theological rhetoric, tainted with Greek science and philosophy), an approach that Kabbani makes a number of references to in his book (pp. 112, 167-168, 173). On p.112 for example, we are told that Abu Bakr ibn Furak embarked on the study of kalaam after being perplexed about a hadeeth which referred to one of the Attributes of Allaah (although the hadeeth is in fact weak!). And on p.173 Imaam al-Haramayn is referred to as: "The true Imaam and teacher of the scholars of kalaam." We have previously had a taste of a typical kalaam deduction in Kabbani’s reproduction of the words of Imaam al-Haramayn: "If the Lord of Truth were in a specific direction He would have heard one speech better than the other." No doubt this was said by Imaam al-Haramayn before he abandoned kalaam, returning to the way of the Salaf (refer to Fath al-Baaree 13/350 of ibn Hajar).

Al-Haafidh ibn Hajar wrote:

"Some embarked to affirm (the Attributes of Allaah) whilst others negated it. The former went to the extent of making resemblance between Allaah and the creation, whilst the latter went to the extent of denying the Attributes of Allaah (ta’teel). The rejection of this from the Salaf, such as Aboo Haneefah, Aboo Yusuf and ash-Shaafi’ee, and their sayings in regards to the censure of the people of kalaam, is well known. The reason for such censure was that the people of kalaam spoke about those matters which both the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and his Companions remained quiet about… The people of kalaam did not content themselves until they filled the Religion with issues and the sayings of the philosophers. They made this philosophy the basis and the foundational principle to which everything was referred back to, and all that which opposed it from the narrations then false interpretation (ta’weel) was made of them, even if they were averse to the result. They claimed that what they had compiled was the noblest branch of knowledge and the most deserving to be acquired, and those who did not utilise what they had laid down, then they were from the laymen and the ignorant ones. So delight is for the one who clings to what the Salaf were upon and distances himself from the innovations that the khalaf introduced. However, if one cannot keep away from it, then let him take only that which he needs and let the way of the Salaf be his intended goal."

(Fath al-Baaree, 13/253)

Imaam Aboo Yusuf, a leading student of Imaam Aboo Haneefah, said:

"Whoever seeks his religion through kalaam is a heretic (zindeeq)."

(Ta’weel Mukhtalif al-Hadeeth (p.43) of ibn Qutaybah; Tabyeen Kadhib al-Muftaree (p.333) of ibn ‘Asaakir; Sharfu Ashaab al-Hadeeth (p.4) of al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadeel; and Sawn al-Mantiq wal-Kalaam (p.60) of as-Suyootee)

Al-Haafidh ibn ‘Abdul-Barr wrote (citing ibn Khuwaizimdaad):

"The people of the innovated sects in the view of (Imaam) Maalik and the remainder of our companions (of the Maalikee madhab) are the people of kalaam. Every person of kalaam is from the people of the innovated sects and innovations, whether he is an Ash’aree or other than an Ash’aree, and his witness is never accepted in Islaam. Indeed, his witness is to be ostracised and he is to be punished for his innovation, and if he persists then repentance is sought from him."

(Jaami’ Bayaan al-‘Ilm, 2/117)


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