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Hisham Kabbani
  Exposing Kabbani 15 : Kabbani's Limitation of Allaahs' Attribute of Hearing
Author: Abu Hudhayfah
Article ID : NDV070015  [15609]  


In further attempting to refute the belief that Allaah is above His Throne, above the Seven Heavens as He has described Himself, Kabbani resorts to a quite remarkable piece of deduction:

"Al-Sufuri relates in his Nuzhat al-majalis that Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni was asked: ‘Does Allah lie in a specific direction?’ He replied: ‘No.’ He was asked: ‘From where did you obtain this knowledge?’ He said: ‘From the saying of the Prophet : ‘Do not say I am superior to Yunus ibn Matta.’ (Bukhari). This prohibition is related to the fact that Yunus said from inside the fish at the bottom of the sea: ‘There is no God save Thee. Be Thou Glorified. Lo! I have been a wrong-doer’ (21:87). And Allah conversed with Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, above seven heavens and heard Muhammad’s speech just as audibly as He heard that of Yunus. If the Lord of Truth were in a specific direction He would have heard one speech better than the other."

(Kabbani, pp. 161-162)

It is the tail-end of this quotation that is of most interest: "If the Lord of Truth were in a specific direction He would have heard one speech better than the other."

Could anything be a more clear-cut case of resemblance than this? Kabbani, by citing this example, would have us accept that the Hearing of Allaah is the same as human hearing in that they are both governed by distance - the further the speaker is the more difficult it is to hear. Therefore, by having us believe that distance affects Allaah’s hearing, the argument is put across that if Allaah was truly above His Throne then he would have heard the Prophet Muhammad clearer than He did the Prophet Yunus in the belly of the whale! But since He heard then both to an equal standard it proves that He was at an equal distance from them both, that is to say, He was as much present in the belly of the whale as He was above the Heavens to where the Prophet made his Ascension! This is supposed to represent evidence against the belief of the Salaf that Allah is above His Throne, above the seven heavens.! Let it be known that the Salafis do not place any such obscene limitations on the Attributes of Allaah.


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