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General Issues Pertaining to the Prayer
  Narrations From the Salaf on the Necessity of Sutrah in Prayer
Author: Trans. Dawud Burbank
Source: The Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah & Abdur-Razzaq
Article ID : IBD050010  [14787]  

Ibn Abee Shaybah reports in his Musannaf (1/279): Wakee’ related to us: from Hishaaam ibn Abee al-Ghaaz: from Naafi’ who said, "If Ibn ’Umar could not get to one of the pillars of the mosque he would say to me, ‘Turn your back to me.’ Its chain of narration is Saheeh.

Ibn Abee Shaybah reports (1/279): ’Abdul-Wahhaab ath-Thaqafee narrated to us: from ’Ubaydullaah from Naafi’, "That ibn ’Umar used to make a man sit in front of him, and he would pray behind him, and the people would pass in front of that man." Its chain of narration is Saheeh.

’Abdur-Razzaaq reports in his Musannaf (2/26/no. 2346): From Ma’mar: from Aboo Ishaaq (i.e., as-Sabee’ee, a Taabi’ee, died 129H) who said, "Five things are from vulgar behaviour: That a man prays in the mosque with the people walking in front of him; and that he urinates standing; and that the Prayer is established and he is next to the mosque and does not respond; and that he wipes dust from his face whilst he is praying, before the salutation; and that he eats along with other than people of the Religion." Its chain of narration is Saheeh.

Ibn Abee Shaybah reports in his Musannaf (1/277), ’Eesaa ibn Yoonus narrated to us; from al-Awzaa’ee: from Yahyaa ibn Abee Katheer who said, "I saw Anas ibn Maalik in al-Masjidul-Haraam and he had erected a rod, and was praying towards it." Ibn Sa’d (7/18) reports its like and its narrators are reliable.

’Abdur-Razzaaq reports in his Musannaf (2/15/no.2304): From Hishaam ibn Hassaan: from Ayyoob: from Muhammad ibn Seereen who said, "’Umar ibn al-Khattaan saw a man praying without a sutrah, so he sat down in front of him and said, ‘Don’t be hasty in your prayer.’ So when he finished, ’Umar said to him, ‘When one of you prays, then let him pray towards a Sutrah, and Satan will not be able to come between him and his prayer.’" Its chain of narration is Saheeh except that Ibn Seereen didn’t reach ’Umar, but Ibn ’Abdul-Barr states in At-Tamheed (1/30), "Everyone about whom it is known that he did not take except from reliable narrators then his tadlees and irsaal are accepted," and he mentioned Muhammad ibn Seereen amongst them.


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