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The Ash`arees
  The Creed of Abu Hasan al-Ash'aree
Author: Abu Hasan al-Ash`aree
Source: Al-Ibaanah An usool Ad Diyaanah (prepared by Mustafa al-Mansour)
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We accept all the traditions for which for which the traditionists vouch: the descent in to the lower heavens, and the Lord's saying, "Is the there any who has a request? Is there any who ask forgiveness?," and the other things they relate and vouch for; dissenting from what the deviators and followers of error assert.

We rely, in that wherein we differ, upon our Lord's book, and the sunnah of our Prophet, and the unanimous consent (Ijma`) of the Muslims and what it signifies;

and we do not introduce into Allaah's religion innovations that Allaah does not allow,

nor we do we believe of Allaah what we do not know.

We believe that Allaah will come in the day of resurrection (as He has said, "and thy Lord shall come and the Angels rank on rank" - [80:23]);

and that Allaah is near His servants, even as He wishes (as He has said, "We are nearer to him then his Jugular vein," - [50:15] and as He said, "the He came nearer and approached and was at the distance of to bows or even closer" - [53:8,9]).

It belongs to the our religion to observe the Friday Assembly, and the feasts, and the remaining prayers and public devotions under the leadership of every pious man or impious (as it is related of `AbdAllaah ibn Umar that he used to pray behind al-Hajjaj ibn-yusuf);

and we believe that the wiping of the sandals is a sunnah at home and in travel, contrarily to the belief of anybody who denies it;

and we approve prayer for the welfare of the imaams of the Muslims, and the confession of their imamate; and we regard it as error on anybody's part to "going out" against them when they have clearly abandoned rectitude;

and we believe in abstinence from "going out" against them with the sword, and abstinence from fighting in civil commotions (fitnah).

We confess the going forth of Antichrist (ad-Dajjaal), as it is contained in the tradition related on the authority of Allaah's Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam).

We believe in the punishment of the grave, and in Munkar and Nakir, and their interrogation of those who are buried in the graves.

We accept the hadeeth of Ascension (mi`raj) and regard as authentic many of the visions of sleep, and confess there are interpretations to them.

We approve alms on behalf of the Muslim dead, and prayer for their welfare; and we believe that Allaah helps them by it.

We accept it as true that there are sorcerers and sorcery in the world, and that sorcery exists in the world.

We believe in praying for those of the people of the Qibla who are dead, the pious and the impious, and in the lawfulness of being their heirs.

We confess that Paradise and Hell are created;

and that he who dies or is slain at his appointed term;

and that sustenance is from Allaah who gives it to His creatures in the permitted and the forbidden;

and that Satan whispers to man and causes him to doubt and infects him, contrarily to the belief of the Mu`tazilah and the Jahmiyyahh (as Allaah has said, "they who swallow down usury shall arise in the resurrection only as he ariseth who Satan hath infected by his touch," - [2:276] and as he has said, "against the mischief of the stealthily withdrawn whisperer, who wispereth in man's breast-against jinn and men". - [114:46]).

We believe that Allaah can design particularly for the just the signs he manifests to them.

Our belief regarding the children of the polytheists is that Allaah will kindle a fire for them in the next world, and then will say to them, "rush into it!," as the tradition tells us concerning it.

We hold that Allaah knows what human beings are doing, and what they are going to do, what has been, what is, and how what is not would have been if it had been.

We believe in obedience to the Imaams and in the sincere counsel of the Muslims.

We approve separation from every innovation tendency, and the avoidance of the people of straying impulses.

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