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The Principles of Aqidah
  The Principles of Ahl us-Sunnah in Regarding Aqidah
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10. Argumentation about the Deen is something censured, whilst debating in a good manner is something prescribed. However,there are certain matters which it is not permissible to debate and argue about. It is obligatory to withhold from speaking about those matters which one has no knowledge of and to refer knowledge of it back to Allah.

11. It is essential and obligatory to adhere to the same methodology of the Revelation when refuting. So an innovation is not refuted with another innovations, negligence and falling short is not refuted with extremity, nor is extremity refuted with negligence.

12. Every newly invented matter in the Deen is a bidah (innovation).Every bidah is going astray and misguidance, and every misguidance is in the Fire.


(1) From Mubaahith fee Aqeedah Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah(p.28)

(2) Refer to Al-Itisaam (2/252) of ash-Shatibee.

(3) Refer to Sharhul-Aqeedat-Tahaawiyah (pp.140-141) of Ibn Abil-'Izz al-Hanafee.And refer also to Dar'Taarudil-Aqlmaan-Naql(1/88-280)of Ibn taymiyyah and indeed ,refer to the whole book as it is very beneficial in this matter.

(4) Mujmal Usool Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaah fil -Aqeedah (pp.7-9)

(5) Shaykh Mahmood at-Tahhaan said in tayseer Mustahlil-Hadeeth (pp.20-21) about the definition of mutaawatir:

Technically: "That which is related by such a larg number of people,that it is impossible that they have invented a lie.Its conditions: i) That it be narrated by a large number of people, Scholars differ about the actual number required, ii) that this number found in every level of the chain, iii) that it is impossible that they could have gathered together upon a lie"

Refer to Nuzhatun-Nadhr fee Tawdeehi Nukhbatil-Fikr(p.57) of al-Haafidh Ibn Hajjar and Tadreebur-Raawee(2/177) of as-Suyotee.

Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar says in Nuzhatun-NaNadhr(p.71) about the definition of the aahad hadeeth:"It is that which does not fulfil the conditions of the mutaawatir."

And the aahaad narrations constitute the majority of narrations, whether in the collections of al-Bukhareee and Muslim, or in the collections of other than them.

(6) From the clearest sign and greatest testimony of a persons truly following the path of the Salafus-Saalih is clinging firmly to their sayings and their judgements with regards to aqeedah,which have been preserved in the earliest books of aqeedah and manjah and from these twelve principles have been derived.So from the earlies of these books are:

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