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Knowledge, Its Importance & Acquisition   (10 Articles)
Seeking Knowledge and One's Intentions
An exhortation to seek knowledge, but with caution. One ought to acquire knowledge in stages and be prepared to act upon whatever he as acquired before moving on to more knowledge. A small but very efficient reminder. [20-Aug-98 : 09:46 PM]
The Excellence Of The Book And An Explanation Of Its Benefits
Pearls of wisdom and relection showing the importance of seeking knowledge and the importance of books and studying from them. [21-Nov-05 : 08:47 AM]
[ ] Extracts From Ibn Uthaymeen's Kitaab ul-Ilm
A compilation of some of the excellent guidelines contained in the book for seeking and acquiring knowledge, with answers to many common questions coming from seekers of knowledge. [29-Jan-02 : 12:00 AM]
On Treading the Path to Knowledge
An excellent and concise talk on the seeking of knowledge, with a discussion of its types and how to acquire it. A must read. [23-Jul-01 : 12:00 AM]
The Intention Behind Seeking Knowledge
A nice reminder about the motives behind the pursuit of knowledge and that they ought to be for the sake of Allaah alone. [27-Apr-00 : 10:28 PM]
Imaam ash-Shafi'ee on Legal Knowledge
Imaam ash-Shafi'ee explains the obligatory and non-obligatory types of knowledge as well as what is binding upon whom. [23-Apr-00 : 06:31 PM]
Taqwaa (Piety) : The Key to Learning
An illustration of the fact that taqaa and abandonment of sins aids the Muslim in acquiring, retaining and being able to act upon knowledge. [23-Apr-00 : 06:08 PM]
Ibn Hazm on Knowledge
Ibn Hazm shares his profound observations and insights into the realm of knowledge. Contains some excellent principles and guidelines. [23-Apr-00 : 05:14 PM]
Aathaar of the Salaf on Knowledge
A collection of beatiful and wise sayings related to the acquisition of knowledge and the great importance of acting upon it. [23-Apr-00 : 05:00 PM]
Guidelines For Acquiring Knowledge
A brief look at six essential points that need to be understood and implemented when acquiring the knowledge. [23-Apr-00 : 03:15 PM]

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