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Takfiris   (3 Articles)
Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi : Part 3
A look at al-Maghrawis understanding of idols and idol-worship, which in reality is parallel to the extremist manhaj of Qutb and Mawududi. [19-May-01 : 12:00 AM]
Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi : Part 2
Al-Maghraawi accuses the whole Ummah and every Muslim of the Nifaaq which Allaah has attributed to the outright Munaafiqeen, who shall be in the lowest depths of the Fire. [16-May-01 : 12:00 AM]
Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi : Part 1
A look at the concept of bai'ah in the view of al-Maghraawi, one which comprises shades of revolutionism and the disacknowledgement of bai'ahs given by the people of knowledge to the leaders of Islaam through the ages. [15-May-01 : 10:45 PM]

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