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The Methodology of the Salaf Concerning Ijtihad and Taqlid   (10 Articles)
A Return to the Sunnah: Uncovering the Deceptions of the Enemies of the Sunnah
An excellent defence of the Sunnah and of the obligation of following it and judging to it, with discussions of taqleed, ittibaa' and a refutation of at-Tantawi. [04-Dec-01 : 12:00 AM]
The Way of As-haab ul-Hadeeth and Their Following the Evidences
Imaam al-Albaani explains the reason why the scholars explain The Aided Group and the Saved Sect to be the People of Hadeeth, due to their being the closest to the truth. [01-Jan-01 : 06:41 PM]
Guidelines Concerning Taqlid and Madhhabs
Excellent guidelines on the issue of taqlid and following of madhhabs [10-Aug-99 : 06:40 PM]
Fataawaa of the Major Committee of Scholars on Taqlid and Madhhabs
These fataawaa summarise the position of the Salaf on the issues of taqlid and ijtihad. [09-Aug-99 : 01:35 PM]
Guidelines for Following Madhhabs
The Shaiks give brief and general guidelines to students of knowledge about following madhhabs (schools of thought) in issues of fiqh. [26-Jul-99 : 08:57 PM]
The Prohibited and Permissible Forms of Taqlid
Statements from the Ulamaa of the Salaf on the permissible and impermissible forms of blind-following (taqlid) [26-Jul-99 : 08:11 PM]
When Is Ijtihad or Taqlid Binding?
The Noble Shaikh discusses what is obligatory upon the different types of people with different capabilities with respect to Ijtihad and Taqlid. [26-Jul-99 : 07:55 PM]
The Basis of Islaam is to Act upon the Book and the Sunnah
Islaam does not require that a Muslim blindly follow in all his affairs, but his primary task is to seek to act according to the Book and Sunnah. [07-Jul-99 : 08:50 PM]
The Sayings of the Four Imams on Taqlid
A compilation of the saying of the Four Imams on following their views and opinions without evidence. [05-Jul-99 : 07:23 PM]
On Ijtihad and Taqlid
A nice primer on the meanings of Ijtihad and Taqlid, the types and places of taqlid and the ruling of a muqallid's fatwa. [05-Jul-99 : 07:09 PM]

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