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The Soul and its Purification
  I Want to Fight My Soul So What Is The Way?
Author: Nawwal Bint Abdullaah
Source: Trans. Abu Iyaad
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We will find one of them when he is inflicted with a calamity or misfortune on account of what his own hands have committed, angry, irritated and grumbling. He does not even ask his ownself: What is the cause of this misfortune, this calamity? And he is not aware that it is due to his sins and his disobedience to Allaah.

Likewise we find that many amongst mankind have been cut off from Allaah and their hearts have been veiled from knowing Him. To Allaah then, is the complaint and there is no power nor movement except by Allaah.

The Second Way: Struggling Against the Soul by Opposing it and not Following its Desires

Ibn Taymiyyah (rh) says: "And this is by not following its desires and opposing what the soul desires. Opposing the soul occurs by opposing its desires and its desires do not arise except by following Shaytaan. Therefore it is vital to oppose Shaytaan and seeking refuge in and recoursing to Allaah from his whisperings and his plans. Shaytaan enters upon the soul and penetrates into it with two matters or from two doors. It is necessary for us to know them, oppose them and to close them tight in the face of Shaytaan the Accursed and Rejected:

The First: Due to excessiveness and squandering. This happens by giving ones soul whatever it desires of food, speech, sleep and other such matters which the soul makes its owner aspire for, what it cannot do without and what it loves. Therefore it is incumbent upon a person that he does not give his soul its need and desire in its entirety. He should not be extravagant and excessive in giving it food, sleep and other such delights and pleasures. When he shuts this door, against his own soul and against Shaytaan he will acquire peace and security.

Thus, we will find that a person has been forbidden from excessive food and speech, letting the gaze wander too much, mixing with people and accompanying them in excess since giving the soul whatever it desires is among the things which if done excessively and continuously hardens to heart and makes it heedless. This leads to the hearts death and refuge is sought from Allaah! Thus, the door of fasting has been opened and we have been urged to fast. Even voluntary fasting has been strongly encouraged. Fasting puts an end to the desire and excessive eating. Thus Islam has encouraged fasting and made it beloved to its adherents.

Likewise, there is an excellence attached to the night prayer (tahajjud). It prevents a person from excessive sleep. A person will strive against his soul and wage war against it in order to pray during the night and fast during the day. He will continue in this until his soul submits and humbles itself to these acts of worship. The soul will then find the joy and delight of fasting and praying at night.

It is also, from the wisdom of Islam that urges the muslim to be silent unless he has something beneficial to say. The Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said: "Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, let him speak good or remain silent." Perhaps, due to his excessive speaking and shouting he will not be on his guard from the danger of falling into backbiting, lying, slandering and other such matters.

The Second: Being ignorant and heedless of Allaah's remembrance. Shaytaan exhausts himself in gaining mastery over the soul so that he can prevent it from Allaah's remembrance. The one who remembers Allaah is in a strong fortress, protected from Shaytaan as long as he does not forget or become heedless. Whoever becomes heedless, he will open up a small gap for the enemy by which he can get to him and then penetrate into his soul and whisper to it. This is why there is a strong encourangement and recommendation for making the various supplications and reciting portions of the Qur'an during every moment and in every place until they become a sanctuary and a preventive measure for the one who uses them.

There exist, for example, supplications for the evening, the morning, for entering into the house and leaving it, for sleeping and awakening and others besides them. Fighting against the soul occurs by checking and curbing the defiance of its desires and its lusts. And with the abundant remembrance of Allaah a preventive barrier is set up against every destructive lust or transgressing desire.

Abu Hafs said: "Whoever does not oppose his soul at every moment and situation and does not make it perform those things which it dislikes, at all times, is deceived and has destroyed it (his soul)."

Al-Hasan (rh) said: "A believer becomes amazed with something (that he likes) and says: By Allaah, I desire you and you are certainly one of my needs. But by Allaah, there is no way towards you. How far you are, there is a barrier between me and you!"

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