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Yusuf al-Qaradawi
  Readings in Qaradawism : Part 2 : Arts and Entertainment
Source: ar-Radd alal-Qaradawi
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That by which the Ummah has been put to trial in current times is the emergence of a people who wear the gown of knowledge, abrogate the Sharee’ah in the name of "revivalism" and facilitate all of the ways to corruption in the name of "understanding the ease and lenience of Islaam". And so they opened up evil and despicable avenues in the name of "ijtihaad". Then they belittled the affairs of the Sunnah in the name of the "understanding of priorities" and they also declared their loyalty for the Infidels in the name of "creating a good picture of Islaam".

And at the head of them is the muftee known as Yusuf al-Qaradaawi who has worked in order to spread this ideology by way of the Internet, lectures, lessons, books and conferences and others ways.

This brief paper is only a summary of some of the ideas and thoughts of this man. And this is by way of sincere advice to the Ummah and to be free of blame and in order to warn from this man and his likes.

Detailed refutations of this man have already been written, such as "ar-Radd alal-Qaradaawi (Refuting Qaradawi)" of Nasir bin Hamad al-Fahad and also "Iskaat Kalb al-Aawi (Silencing the Hounding Dog)" of Shaikh Muqbil bin Haadee, and other works, both large and small in volume.


Al-Qaradawi is one of well-known and most popular of the callers to singing and entertainment and he affirms this matter from numerous angles:

ONE: He affirms in many of his books that singing is lawful the cinema is lawful (halaal) and is a good thing. (This occurs in his books in general such as "al-Halaal wal-Haraam", "al-Marji’iyyah al-Ulyaa", "Fataawaa Mu’aasirah and others. As for his verdict on the cinema, then he mentions this in "al-Halaal wal-Haraam").

TWO: He also mentions that he shows rejection towards those artists who do avoid the arts (i.e. from performing). (In an open lesson, when answering questions to bystanders in the programme ‘ash-Sharee’ah wal-Hayaat’, dated 12/4/98).

THREE: He gives his blessings to those who wear the Christian cross and who openly show it for the purpose of illustrating (i.e. acting out, tamtheel) the military expeditions of the Crusaders, and declaring this act to be lawful for them by saying "Traverse upon the blessing of Allaah (barakah) and Allaah is with you, and never will He abandon your actions." (This is in a verdict of this which is present on the Website, Islaam on the Internet, which is under his own supervision and control. And this site contains many great calamities and serious oppositions to Islaam.)

FOUR: He mentions how he himself likes to follow up the songs of Faayizah Ahmad, Shaadiyah, Umm Kulthoom, Fairoz and other women. (In the Qatari magazine called ar-Raayah, no. 5969, dated 19/Jumaadah al-Ulaa/1419).

FIVE: He mentions about himself that he follows up the various films and soap series such as "al-Irhaab wal-Kabaab" of Aadil Imaam, and in this film mockery is made of those who follow the religion – and also "al-Layaali al-Hilmiyyah (Sweet Nights)" and also "Ra’fat al-Hajaan" and also the films of Ghawaar, Noor Shareef, Ma’aali Zaayid and others. (In the Qatari magazine called ar-Raayah, no. 5969, dated 19/Jumaadah al-Oolaa/1419. Also in the Weekly News, no. 401, dated 23/Ramadaan/1414H).

SIX: He makes it permissible to look at the women which appear on the screens. (In a lesson in his ash-Sharee’ah wal-Hayaat programme dated 13/6/99).

This is only a very small selection of the Qaradawite theorem concerning music and singing. One may refer to the abovementioned books for more of his calamities in this regard.


This then is the condition of this Wicked Muftee who opposes the Book, the Sunnah, the Pious Taabi’een and the Imaams after them, the Muftee who allows the common-folk to persist upon their ignorance, time-wasting and indulgence in vanities and novelties, which are but instruments of the Accursed One, and which but cause them to forget the remembrance of Allaah.

This is the Muftee who has become the authority on current affairs for many of the Qutubiyyah, biased partisans and other strayers.

Where is this Innovator and where are our Righteous Salaf?! Where are those who defend this man, promote his doctrine and poison the sons of Ahl us-Sunnah with his mental decrepitude, his evil verdicts and his annulment and replacement (tabdeel) of the Sharee’ah rulings?

We conclude by quoting from the excellent work of Abu Bilaal Mustafa al-Kanadi’s book on Music and Singing.


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