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Deviated Sects

The Khawarij
  Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan On The Khawaarij and the Renewed Ideology
Author: Shaykh al-Ubaykaan
Source: Cassette Recording
Article ID : GSC020004  [22413]  

All praise is due to Allaah and prayers and peace be upon Allaah's Messenger. To proceed:

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Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-'Ubaykaan is one from the people of knowledge who in the earlier days (early to mid 1990s) used to be with the Qutubiyyoon, Surooriyyoon in their da'wah, or to put it another way, with the Shabaab us-Sahwah (the Youth of the Awakening). His mosque used to be filled with these youth and in which much incitement and commotion and open revilements used to take place. It is also well known and famous that they used to call him "Sultaan ul-'Ulamaa", (the Chief, Head of the Scholars).

However Allaah guided the Shaykh to see the true reality of what the Qutubiyyoon were upon, and the sources and roots of their ideology and the figureheads around whom they were flocking, the Shaykh turned away from this and then made the following clarifications:

1) Making clear the obligation to adhere to the Salafi Manhaj and abandonment of separation in the deen. And also rebuking the various innovated jamaa'aat that had appeared in contemporary times, in the field of da'wah

2) Making clear the obligation of returning back to the Salafi Manhaj in dealing with the Rulers, such as making supplication for them, obeying them in what is good and advising them and so on.

3) Rebuking and finding fault with the figureheads of revolution, whom the youth were flocking around

4) Issuing advice concerning the so called Committee of Defence of Human Rights, that was set up by the al-Muhaajiroun Innovator, Muhammad al-Mis'ari (who made hijrah from the lands of the Muslims to the lands of the Kuffar)

5) Exposing the Takfiri manhaj which has washed the brains of the youth in the lands of Afghanistan and warning from it.

So when the Shaykh made this apparent and clear, and the Qutubiyyoon saw this from him, they then began to label him "Markoob us-Salaateen" (the riding animal of the rulers)! And the Shaykh is just one of a great number of people who have suffered at the hands of these Takfiris and Qutubis. Others include the likes of Shaykh Abdullaah al-Ubaylaan, Shaykh Salih as-Suhaymee, Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad who were all hounded and physically attacked and ruffled by the Qutubiyyah and Takfiriyyah, and we have already placed audio recordings of these incidents on this website.

As for the statement itself, then the following are some statements from it:

a) "This land (i.e. Saudi) is not the place for these [deviant] methodologies ever (meaning the Takfiri methodologies), and this corrupt and filthy manhaj began outside of this country, and how did it enter into this land? The origins of Takfir were spread by way of people who came from outside of this country, and then they spread it amongst the sentimental youth, and these (youth) were the ones who had not been blessed with the Da'wah Salafiyyah. Thus, those (people) cultivated partisanship, hatred, and (secret) arrangement amongst the youth, in the organisation of astray groups. And the youth from this land left this land to go to Afghanistan, and then they found there those who would teach them and cultivate them upon the manhaj of Takfir."

b) "However the manhaj of the Khawaarij is the manhaj of clashing and stirring the tribulations an dissension and open advice to the rulers and publicising their affairs and what is like that.

c) "And this is what happened to those from whom the act of terrorism occurred (i.e. the bombing in Ulayyaa, from the followers of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who made takfir of Ibn Baz), for they thought that they were upon the truth and what is correct. So they came with an incorrect ijtihaad for which they are not excused, because they did not turn to the scholars"

d) "And unfortunately, they (the Takfiris) caused them youth (those who did the bombing) that the likes of the respected Shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz, when they saw that these youth might return back to what Shaikh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz, and Shaykh Ibn Ibraaheem and Shaykh Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab and Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah, then they made them to understand that the likes of Shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz is a Kaafir, and that he is not to be taken from..."

And many other affairs. And it has also been printed with the name "The Khawaarij and the Renewed Methodology". It is important to remember that this comes from a Shaykh who was with them and revered by them, until he left them and warned from, and thus he became reviled and rebuked by them. And previously his lessons in his mosque were filled,with very large numbers by these youth, and afterwards, only a handful could be found. And this is the way of the Qutubiyyoon, Takfiriyyoon, in that when they see those who would expose their evil to the youth, they beging their propaganda campaign, to discredit those who know them, and what they are upon and who can show their departure from the manhaj of the Salaf from numerous angles.

Listen to the Real Audio Here

And this is amongst the many expositions and humiliations for the Qutubiyyah, the Khawaarij of the Era, for someone who was with them, or deceived by them and upon their da'wah supportive of it, then left them and abandoned them and exposed the foreign deviant methodologies they had been brainwashed by.

We ask Allaah to bring out of more these types of affairs so that this fitnah that was entered into Ahl us-Sunnah by the figureheads of Ikhwaan can be seen for what it is, and be ended.


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