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On Eemaan, Ibaadah and Tawheed : Their Link and Interrelation.
  Lesson 4: An Introduction to Tawheed
Author: Abu Iyaad as-Salafi
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So now we have established this fact, we can see how the calls of certain groups are in error. For example, Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh have shared with the pagans, the mushriks in their understanding of Tawheed and they have not shared with the call of the Noble Messengers. This is because their call is to Tawheed ur-Ruboobiyyah and not to Tawheed ul-Uloohiyyah. This is why amongst them you will find a man who has travelled across the world in 40 years and he is still ignorant of the fact that he is committing Shirk by wearing talismans and going to the graves of the dead and other such acts. That they call to Tawheed ur-Ruboobiyyah is clearly stated in their books and more specifically in the book of their founder Muhammad Ilyaas in what is known as the Six Pillars. So if you look at this book you find that Tawheed to him is just Ruboobiyyah!! High is Allaah from that. So this Jamaa’ah has no concern whatsoever with Tawheed.

Someone might say: ‘But I know people who are with Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh and they do not commit shirk and they don’t do these things, and they know what Tawheed is.’ This is only a doubt and it can be cleared in the following way. The question to be asked is: ‘Is it because of the da’wah of JT that such people do not do these actions or is it because of some other reason i.e. their family background etc.. or that someone who is upon the Sunnah, actually told them and warned them about these things, or what?’ You will never find that they avoid these acts BECAUSE JT told them so, and that it is part of the call of JT to warn people of these things. It is not for this reason. We will give you one example of the JT’s when they came to this mosque. One of the bro’s with them said that he knows that Allaah is above the Heavens and not here upon the earth. So one of the brothers asked him, but where did you learn that from? Did JT teach you that or what? And he explained how someone outside of JT, told him that and so he believed it. Also another example. A brother met a TJ and he started boasting about how educated he was and how much he has travelled the world. But upon his wrist was a talisman. So one of the brothers (a Chinese Muslim) asked him ‘what is that?’ He said, ‘My wife gave it to me, it helps to cure my wrist’. So the brother said to him ‘If I showed you that Allaah and His Messenger forbade this, would you take it off?’ The brother said ‘Yes’. So when the brother showed him, he would not take it off and said ‘I will do it tomorrow, or. Anyway the brother wripped it off his wrist and destroyed it. Then the brother said to him, ‘Here take this book and read it’ (he gave him a book on Tawheed), so the brother replied: ‘If you come with me for 3 days I will read it’, so the brother said, ‘I will spend 3 days working for the sake of Allaah in my own time inshaa’allaah you just take and read this book’. Sothe brother took the book in his hand but when he left, he left the book behind on the shelf and did not bother with it, fleeing away from the knowledge and guidance (and this is because it is also part of this deviated group to make its followers flee and run away from knowledge as if it were a hungry lion, chasing them.)

So these are just two illustrations of millions across the world of how a person spends a lifetime with a group or party and does not learn anything. And if he or she does, it is not from JT, but from someone outside of it. This is because the call and methodology of the group is not to Tawheed, and nor is it concerned with learning the knowledge either.

In a similar fashion you find Ikhwaan ul-Muslimeen, whose call is not to Tawheed ul-Uloohiyyah but to something else, Takfeer, Revolting, Sufism, Modernism and a mixture other rubbish. They have made these things their starting points in their call. Similarly with all the groups of innovation and misguidance. Their starting point is wrong, so what follows in their methodology is also incorrect.

4. The Three Categories of Tawheed in One Verse:

We have already explained above how many verses of the the Qur’an, put together, mention all the categories of Tawheed, not by name, but by principle, concept and meaning.

'Allaamah as-Safaareenee (died 1112H) - may Allaah's mercy be upon him - said: "Know that Tawheed has three divisions: Tawheed ur-Ruboobiyyah (the Oneness of God in His Lordship), Tawheed al- Uloohiyyah (to single-out Almighty God alone for worship) and Tawheed al-Asmaa was-Sifaat (the uniqueness of God's Names and Attributes)."

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen said: "And Allaah has gathered these three divisions in His - the Most High's- saying:

"Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, (i.e Ruboobiyyah)

So worship Him alone and be constant and patient in His worship (i.e Uloohiyyah)

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