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Biographies of the Early Salaf 1 : (151H - 400H)   (4 Articles)
Imaam Ash-Shaafi'ee (died 204 AH)
He was Muhammad bin Idrees as-Shaafi'ee. The Imaam, the Scholar of his time, the Protector of hadeeth, the Faqeeh (jurist) of the religion. [19-Aug-07 : 11:22 AM]
A Brief Biography of Ibn Battah al-Ukbari
The statements of the Muhadditheen concerning Ibn Battah and a clarification of some misconceptions raised about him. [10-Aug-99 : 06:15 PM]
A Brief Biography of Ibn Abee Aasim ash-Shaybaanee
A brief look at the life of this imaam, his teachers, students and various positions he held. [10-Aug-99 : 06:11 PM]
A Brief Biography of Abu Bakr al-Aajurree
A short biography of this Noble Imaam, the author of as-Sharee'ah, one of his works on the subject of Aqidah. [09-Aug-99 : 01:01 PM]

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