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The Salafi College
The Arabic Language and Learning Arabic   (5 Articles)
Arabic Detached Pronouns
A vibrant poster showing the Arabic detached pronouns for 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person. [13-Mar-08 : 05:11 PM]
Al and Tanween
A worksheet introducing the fatha, damma, kasrah and the basics of the definate and indefinate article. [13-Mar-08 : 05:03 PM]
Past Tense Verb Chart - All Forms
A past tense verb chart template. Easy format for students to conjugate verbs. [12-Mar-08 : 02:08 PM]
Arabic Vocabulary Bank - Madinah Book 1
An excellent resource consisting of the entire vocabulary in Madinah Book 1. Presented nicely in table format with the Arabic and English. A must for the one serious about learning Arabic!! [12-Mar-08 : 07:46 AM]
Al-Ajroomiyyah: Summarised in Poem Form
A summary of the text of al-Ajroomiyyah in poem form, the basic and introductory text for those who are new to studying and learning Arabic. [25-Mar-02 : 10:58 PM]

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