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Misconceptions About Islam   (7 Articles)
Misconception: The Islamic Threat
Reply to the thought which has gained currency over the last 3 or 4 decades, following the collapse of communism and the failure of other man made systems. [02-Aug-99 : 03:21 PM]
Misconception: Islam is Fatalistic
A reply to the confusion about pre-destination (qadr) that is often made an issue by non-muslims and used to describe Islam as fatalistic. [02-Aug-99 : 03:19 PM]
Misconception: Muslims Hate Jesus
One of the tacts of the extremist Christian jihadists, to inform their loyal followers that Muslims are the enemies of Jesus! [02-Aug-99 : 03:17 PM]
Misconception: Muhammad Wrote the Qur'an
A reply to yet another popular orientalist tradition - that Muhammad wrote the Qur'an. [02-Aug-99 : 03:10 PM]
Misconception: Islam Degrades Women
A reply to the commonly propagated myth that Islam degrades women [02-Aug-99 : 03:08 PM]
Misconception: Islam is a Religion Only for Arabs
Although Islaam began in the Arabian Peninsula, it was by no means a message to the Arabs alone. [02-Aug-99 : 03:06 PM]
Misconception: Muslims Worship Muhammad
Clarifiying the very old myth that Muslims take their Prophet as an object of worship besides God. [02-Aug-99 : 03:03 PM]

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