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Biographies of the Early Salaf 1 : (151H - 400H)
  A Brief Biography of Abu Bakr al-Aajurree
Source: Various
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The Imaam, the Scholar of Hadeeth, the Example, the Shaykh of the Noble Haram, author of many beneficial works, truthful, the devout worshipper and the one who closely followed the Sunnah. He was born in Baghdaad in the year 280H, later he moved to Makka and died there in the year 360H after having lived there for some thirty years.

He heard from: Abu Muslim al-Kajjee, Muhammad bin Yahyaa al-Marwazee, Abu Shu`ayb al-Harraanee, Ahamd bin Yahya al-Halwaanee, al-Hasan bin Alee bin Alwee al-Qattaan, Ja`far bin Muhammad al-Firyaabee, Musaa bin Haaroon, Khalf bin Amr al-Ukbaree, Abdullaah bin Naahiyah, Muhammad bin Saalih al-Ukbaree, Ja`far bin Ahmad bin Aasim ad-Dimishkee, Abdullaah bin al-Abbaas at-Tayaalisee, Haamid bin Shu`ayb al-Balkhee, Ahmad bin Sahl al-Usnaanee al-Muqri, Ahmad bin Musaa bin Zanjaway al-Qattaan, Eesaa bin Sulaymaan, Abu Alee al-Hasan bin al-Hubaab al-Muqri, Abu al-Qaasim al-Baghawee, ibn Abee Dawood and others.

Those who narrated from him were: Abdur-Rahmaan bin Umar bin Nahaas, Abu al-Husain bin Bishraan, his brother Abu al-Qaasim bin Bishraan, al-Muqri` Abu al-Hasan al-Hamaamee, Abu Nu`aym al-Haafidh and many from amongst the pilgrims and others.

Al-Khateeb said about him, "he was a person possessing deen, trustworthy and precise. He authored (some) works."[Ibn Katheer, ‘al-Bidaayah wa an-Nihaayah’ (11/306); adh-Dhahabee, ‘Siyar’ (16/134-136)]

Ibn al-Atheer described him as being a Haafidh. [Ibn Atheer, ‘al-Kaamil fee at-Taareek’ (7/44)] as did al-Haafidh adh-Dhahabee. [‘Mukhtasar al-Uluw’ (pg. 246)]

Ibn Khalkaan said, "the Shaafi`ee faqeeh, the Muhaddith, author of the famous book ‘al-Arba`een’, he was a righteous servant." [Ibn Khalkaan, ‘Wafayaatul A`yaan’ (4/292), others such as ibn al-Jawzee mentioned him amongst the Hanbalees.]

Ibn al-Jawzee said about him, "he was trustworthy and precise, possessing deen, a scholar and author." [‘Sifatus Safwa’ (2/479)] "He gathered together knowledge and ascetism." [‘Manaaqib al-Imaam Ahmad’ (pg. 515)]

As-Suyutee said, "the Imaam, the Muhaddith, the Example…. He was a scholar enacting what he taught, the follower of the Sunnah, possessing deen, trustworthy and precise." [‘Tabaqaatul Huffaadh’ (pg. 379)]

The work he wrote on Aqeedah was ‘ash-Sharee`ah’ published in one volume with the tahqeeq of Muhammad Haamid al-Fiqqee and in six volumes with the tahqeeq of Dr. Abdullaah bin Umar bin Sulaymaan ad-Dameejee. May Allaah have mercy upon him.


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