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The Naqshabandis
  The Naqshabandi Tariqah Unveiled
Author: Al-Hidaayah, Colombo Sri Lanka
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"When a person takes Bayyat from Mowlana, Mowlana will be with that person. Even until he reaches in front of Allaah Almighty will Mowlana be with him, when Allaah Almighty questions this person Mowlana shall answer all questions instead of him."

9. THE ISLAMIC BELIEF: (For anything to happen) it is only what Allaah wills

Once a companion of the Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam) concluded his statement to the Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam) with the phrase "It is what Allaah wills and you will." The Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam) immediately corrected him saying - ‘Are you making me an equal with Allaah? Say it is what Allaah alone wills.’ (Collected by Ahmad - Arabic)

THE NAQSHBANDI BELIEF: It is what Allaah and the saint wills.

On page 23 of the book "Quthub us Sailan" which is written by the local head of the group, it reads

"One morning in the newspapers, I read that the wakf board had taken over the Dewatagaha Mosque seeking the chief trustee at the time, chairman of the welfare committee and chief trustee, M.I.M. Shaukat came to my place a couple of days later to find out what he could do in that matter as chief trustee, I told him that if it was the will of Allaah and the saint, well nothing could be done on his part."

10. THE ISLAMIC BELIEF: Allaah is in charge of creation.

Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa) says in the Qur’aan -

"And Allaah is a Wakil (Guardian) over all things." (Qur’aan, Chapter 11, Verse 12)

And in another place, Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa) says,

"He (Allaah) arranges (every) affair from the heavens to the earth." (Qur’aan, Chapter 32, Verse 3)

THE NAQSHBANDI BELIEF: Sheikh is in charge of creation

On page 15 of the book ‘Haqiqat ul Haqqani’ it reads,

"Every thing that you know of is under the spiritual control of the Sultan al Awliya, he is the one who is in charge of all mankind in this universe, he is also in charge of all the world of Jinns and Angels."

Again the above belief is one of Shirk (association) in the aspect of the Lordship of Allaah, as has been explained before.

11. THE ISLAMIC BELIEF: None can change a bad situation except Allaah

Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa) says in the Qur’aan,

"And if Allaah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He…" (Qur’aan, Chapter 6, verse 17)

THE NAQSHBANDI BELIEF: Sheikh can change a bad situation.

On page 26 of the book ‘Haqiqat ul Haqqani’ in the 2nd paragraph it reads,

"If a bad situation is to come to a mureed of his, Sheikh has the power to change it."

12. THE ISLAMIC BELIEF: None can make anyone enter paradise or save from hell, except Allaah.

The Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam) said in an authentic Hadith -

"O People of Quraysh, secure deliverance from Allaah (by doing good deeds). I cannot help you at all against Allaah. O sons of Abdul-Muttalib, I cannot help you at all against Allaah; O (my uncle) Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib, O (my aunt) Safeeyah, I cannot help you at all against Allaah; O Faatimah, daughter of Muhammad, ask me whatever you like, but I have nothing which can help you against Allaah."

(Saheeh Muslim, Vol 1, Hadith #402, English Translation)

THE NAQSHBANDI BELIEF: Sheikh can make one enter paradise and save one from hell.

On page 30 of the book Haqiqat ul Haqqani, in the 3rd paragraph, it reads -

"Sheikh will not allow any of his mureeds to enter hell, … Sheikh Nazim will make all the followers to enter into this paradise."

13. THE ISLAMIC BELIEF: The Angel of death will take the soul of the dying.

Allaah (Subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa) says in the Qur’aan,

"Say the Angel of death, who is set over you, will take your souls, then you shall be brought to your Lord." (Qur’aan, 32:11)

THE NAQSHBANDI BELIEF: Sheikh will take the soul of the dying

On page 35 of the book ‘Haqiqat ul Haqqani’ under the heading ‘No questioning in the grave’, it reads -

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