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Targheeb and Tarheeb   (17 Articles)
Ibn al-Qayyim on the Results of Following One's Desires
Ibn al-Qayyim explains that it is easier to refrain from ones desire than to have to bear the bitter and evil fruits of being subject to the resultant effects of following one's desire. [24-May-04 : 12:00 AM]
Ten Things That Repel the Punishment Of The Hellfire
Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah describes the ten things by which a persons sins are removed and thus the punishment with the Fire warded off. Excellent. [26-Aug-02 : 12:00 AM]
Closer and Closer to Mankind Comes Their Reckoning...
A very nice admonition concerning the approach of the Reckoning and Judgement, with quotations from the verses in the Qur'aan put together in a short, but powerful piece. [21-Apr-02 : 12:00 AM]
Points of Benefit From al-Fawaa`id of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Ten excellent admonitions and reminders, in Ibn al-Qayyim's usual excellent and unique style. Short sentences but powerful imports and concepts! [13-Dec-00 : 12:00 AM]
Ibn al-Qayyim on Bringing About the Love of Allaah
Excellent practical guidelines to assist the striving Muslim in attaining the love and friendship of Allaah the Most High. [07-Aug-00 : 12:00 AM]
Tests For The Believers
A brief look at the trials faced by the Believer in day to day life and how such trials are truly for the benefit of the Believers and their faith. [05-Jun-00 : 08:04 PM]
Advice to the Strangers
A nice reminder and admonition to those who, in the midst the astray and sinful, are strangers, isolated and deserted. Good admonitions and reminders to give them reassurance and encouragement upon goodness. [10-Nov-02 : 12:00 AM]
Ibn al-Qayyim on How to Rectify Oneself
An excellent exposition of some of the precious words of Ibn al-Qayyim regarding the rectification of one's condition. [22-Apr-00 : 11:41 AM]
Ibn al-Qayyim on Dawah, Guidance and the Condition of the Heart
Ibn al-Qayyim in his usual inimitable style takes us through the link between dawah, receiving guidance and its effects upon the heart. [17-Jul-99 : 08:57 PM]
The Wasiyyah of 'Alee lbn Abee Taalib to Kumail ibn Ziyaad an-Nakha'eel
Beautiful advice from the fourth Caliph, Alee ibn Abee Taalib, an exhortation concerning knowledge and acting upon it. [30-Jun-99 : 10:46 PM]
Closer and Closer Comes the Reckoning
An warning against the fast approaching hour, the Final Hour and a depiction of the scences on that Last Day. [20-Aug-98 : 10:51 PM]
The Rank of Ishfaaq
Ibn al-Qayyim discusses this feeling of the heart which has similarities but some differences to the well known state of fear. It explains the beginnings of this feeling in a person and how it matures to prevent one from falling into disobedience. [20-Aug-98 : 10:30 PM]
The Khutbahs of 'Umar bin 'Abdul-Azeez
Three sermons of the rightly guided caliph, Umar bin 'Abdul-Azeez. Words of wisdom, reminder, exhortation and remembrance. [20-Aug-98 : 09:57 PM]
Al-Wasiyyat us-Sughraa (The Concise Legacy)
An excellent discussion of the hadeeth of Mu'aadh, "Fear Allaah wherever you may be...". Contains the virtues of Mu'aadh and a step by step analysis of the meanings and important concepts contained in the hadeeth. [20-Aug-98 : 09:53 PM]
Seeking Knowledge and One's Intentions
An exhortation to seek knowledge, but with caution. One ought to acquire knowledge in stages and be prepared to act upon whatever he as acquired before moving on to more knowledge. A small but very efficient reminder. [20-Aug-98 : 09:46 PM]
The Effects of Sins
A description of 20 effects that can result from falling into sins. A nice deterrent from falling into the disobedience of Allaah. [20-Aug-98 : 09:43 PM]
Do You Really Want Paradise?
A short reminder that the road to Paradise requires effort and discipline and that the primary route to it is by seeking knowledge. [20-Aug-98 : 09:36 PM]

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